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Theatre Course Descriptions

THTR 1043 Introduction to Theatre (3)

This course will blend a study of the world’s greatest playwrights with an interactive approach to understanding the collaborative roles of actors, directors, designers, and playwrights in the development of theatre productions. The course will include: new play development, audition preparation, collaborative production meetings, rehearsal techniques, theatre history and the study of playwrights from the ancient Greeks to contemporary times.

THTR 1053 Acting I (3)

This course provides students with the knowledge of basic acting techniques that will include work on vocal skills, movement, and character development. The course uses a variety of techniques such as mime, improvisation, games, monologues and scenes designed to help students gain basic skills and confidence.

THTR 1063 Stagecraft (3)

This course provides students with an examination and application of basic theatre production techniques and practices, including scenic design and construction, lighting,sound, props selection and construction, costume history, and show control.Approximately three hours per week are required in lab/shop activities and practice.Stagecraft students will have opportunities to become a part of the technical teams for main stage productions.

THTR 1101 Theatre Laboratory (1)

This course is the laboratory application of basic/intermediate theatre production techniques, skills, and practices. Concurrent enrollment with THTR 1063, THTR 2103, or THTR 2133 is required. This course may be repeated for up to six (6) credit hours when taken with each of the above courses.

THTR 1103 Movement for the Actor (3)

Student actors will learn a variety of movement techniques that will enhance their physical expression and body language. They will become familiar with the methods and terminology of such techniques as Viewpoints, Alexander, Laban, mime, and dance. The course may include some choreographic elements as well.

THTR 2003 Voice and Diction (3)

This course is the study of voice production and vocal interpretation of written materials. The student will receive individualized instruction on voice, including projection, pitch, pace, tone and diction, oral interpretation and the presentation of manuscript materials that could include scripts for television, film,stage, or commercials. (SPRING-ODD YEAR) See also COMM 2003.

THTR 2053 Directing I (3)

In this course students will learn the fundamentals of directing by studying the history of the director from past to present and great directors of the 20th century. The course will focus on developing skills necessary in leading a production team and mounting plays. The focus will be on learning time management, organization, collaboration, and interpersonal leadership skills.

THTR 2103 Lighting and Sound for Theatre (3)

Students will study and employ the history, theory, principles, and techniques for configuring and operating lighting and sound reinforcement systems in a live performance environment. The course includes an examination of the physics of light and sound, the design process, and the interface between director, designer, stage manager, and system operator. Prerequisite: THTR 1063.

THTR 2133 Scenic Painting (3)

Students will learn, analyze, and practice traditional and modern techniques for creating visual textures and finishes for stage scenery and properties. Students will apply these techniques and skills in the theatre production shop/lab for department main stage productions. The course will include composition theory and the integration of additive and subtractive color systems.

THTR 2153 Stage Properties: Management & Fabrication (3)

Design, production and procurement of stage properties, managing and maintaining props inventories and props crews, interpreting designer drawings, script analysis, tracking and managing a props budget, assisting stage management/running crews with props cueing & staging. Prerequisite: THTR 1063 THTR 2881-3 Selected Topics in Theatre may be repeated for credit with change of topic. THTR 2991-3 Workshop/Seminar in Theatre may be repeated for credit with change of topic.

THTR 3001-3 Theatre Practicum (1-3)(Formerly THTR 3003 Theatre Practicum)

This practical production experience is tied to a Theatre Department production and can include all aspects of theatre. Enrollment in this course can include opportunities for experience in acting, stage management, scene construction, set painting, costume construction, set, lighting, costume and sound design, publicity and house management. Participation in this course requires a time commitment of 12-15 hours a week during rehearsal and options for 1, 2, or 3 credit enrollment. This course may be repeated for a total of 12 hours credit. Prerequisite: Instructor consent.

THTR 3043 Theatre Management (3)

Students will study the various aspects of “front of hours” and back stage management of the theatre. Students will have practical work experience on one or more productions.

THTR 3053 Acting II (3)

Building upon what students learned in Acting I, this course will challenge the performers on a new level and will include improvisation, scene study, advanced movement, vocal techniques, and verse performance, including Shakespeare. The course may also include principles of stage combat, screen acting, or dialects. Prerequisite:THTR 1053.

THTR 3153 Lighting Design & Technology (3)

Students will analyze and practice the lighting design process from conception through execution, including document generation, show control technology, light plot construction, photometrics, additive color theory, and cueing. Prerequisite: THTR 2103.

THTR 3503 Playwriting (3)

Students will learn the basic techniques for constructing a new play. By using the experience of successful playwrights and by studying their works, students will learn to develop characters and structure plots around the central conflict. During the course, the students will write a ten-minute play and a one-act play.

THTR 3523 Sound Design for Theatre (3)

This course integrates basic acoustics, an examination of electronic audio processing components, period musical styles, psychoacoustics, and music selection. The course emphasizes live sound reinforcement and recording techniques applied to live performance. Prerequisite: THTR 1063 and THTR 2103.

THTR 3553 Directing II (3)

Building on the work accomplished in Directing 1, students will develop organizational skills, as well as concept, staging, coaching actors, and collaborating with a design team. They will have opportunities to audition and direct student actors in independent projects. The course will culminate in the direction of a one-act play for a festival of one-acts. Prerequisite: THTR 2053.

THTR 3653 Theatre History (3)

This course will look at the history of theatre from the birth of the art form through modern times. Students will focus on active periods such as ancient Greece & Rome,medieval, early modern, restoration, romantic, modern, post-modern, musical theatre, and contemporary theatre. Students will research and write about the creation and historical impact of theatre. They will also examine dramatic literature as historical documents and gain insight into the culture and theatre of each time period. THTR 3991-3 - Workshop/Seminar in Theatre may be repeated for credit with change of topic.

THTR 4013 Makeup for the Stage (3)

In this applied theatre course the student will employ color theory, anatomy, and composition principles in creating and executing basic corrective, age-specific, gender-specific, period, and special effects makeup designs. Prerequisite: THTR 1063.

THTR 4053 Scenic Design (3)

The student of scenic design will learn to incorporate basic two- and three-dimensional composition principles, color theory, and a knowledge of stage construction methods and scenic painting techniques in creating scenic designs for dramatic and musical theatre. The course will include basic drafting (both “hand” and CAD), working within budget constraints, script analysis, and collaboration with directors and other designers. Prerequisites: THTR 1043 and THTR 1063.

THTR 4793 Senior Capstone Project (3)

With faculty guidance the student will complete a senior level project in line with their academic focus. Capstone projects can include writing or directing a full length play, designing for or playing a lead role in a main stage production, performing a one-person show, managing a company or whatever challenge meets the student’s needs on a level that would help them transition to the professional world or graduate level. Prerequisite: Senior Standing and faculty approval.