The Newman University Certificate in Leadership can help you succeed no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. Whether you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student, a mid-career professional seeking new opportunities, or someone planning a second act, leadership skills can set you apart from other job seekers and help you advance. The program emphasizes the development of each student’s leadership abilities and can be tailored to specific interests and needs.

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Leadership skills are the subset of life skills that enable us to manage ourselves and collaborate with others to achieve a goal. They are cognitive and emotional, social and personal. Skill in leading means marshaling our own resources and bringing people together to solve problems that are too big for any of us to handle on our own.

"The Leadership Certificate Program at Newman University can help you become the leader that your family, business, organization or community needs for you to be."

Leadership may be the most important kind of life-long learning. Every human endeavor requires leaders, but leadership isn’t about being the one who is “in charge.” Leaders are people who can glimpse a new way forward where others see only an obstacle. Leaders are people who step up. Leaders bring people together. Leaders see commitments through. And should they fail, as everyone will sometimes, leaders fail productively by taking to heart what worked and making a new start.

No single academic discipline has a lock on leadership. As with critical thinking, which is the other most-important “soft skill,” the need for leadership runs deeper than divisions between arts and sciences or theoretical and practical disciplines. Every field of endeavor confronts problems specific to it that require leadership to be solved. And our emerging global society needs people versed in the disciplines to work together on the problems that are too great for any one of them to fix. At every level, leadership is urgently needed.

The Leadership Certificate Program at Newman University can help you become the leader that your family, business, organization or community needs for you to be. The program curriculum consists of twelve undergraduate credit hours, (three three-credit courses and three one-credit courses) that may be taken in a number of different fields. Business, Communication, Education, History, Spanish, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work and Theater all offer courses that count toward the Leadership Certificate. Through this coursework, students will begin to understand contributing factors to successful leadership in organizations and cross-cultural environments.

At Newman we are excited to help meet the demand for people who can lead. Step in and let us help you step up.


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Dr. Christopher Fox is Advisor for the Certificate in Leadership. He is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, and has been at Newman since 2004. In that time he has served as Faculty Senate President and Chair of the Newman Studies Program Committee, and he helped to design and implement the NSP, Newman’s Interdisciplinary core curriculum. In 2019 he completed the Kansas Leadership Center’s “Your Leadership Edge” program, and works closely with other KLC-certified faculty and staff on campus.