Academic Information

Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs exists to provide and protect the quality of instruction and learning support offered to each student during their time at Newman.

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Newman University’s academic programs are accredited by several different governing bodies.

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Additional Certification Requirements

Some programs may offer certifications, each with their own additional certification requirements.

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Course Catalog

The Academic Course Catalog lists all academic programs, curriculum, and requirements.

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Course Schedule

Use the Interactive Course Schedule to see when courses will be available to help you and your academic advisor plan your enrollment.

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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB ensures proper protection of the rights and welfare of the individuals involved, with consideration of the methods used to gain informed consent and the justification of risks in terms of the potential benefits to be gained.

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Scholars Programs

Scholars Programs are designed for accelerated High School students who are college bound. Scholars Programs currently include Investigative Summer Science Program and Newman STEM Exploration Program.

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Student Policies Handbook

The Student Handbook includes rules, policies, and expectations for Newman University Students.

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University Factbooks

Newman University Fact Books are intended as a general source of institutional data about the University. 

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