Undergraduate Programs

Newman University's academic programs prepare students to make positive change in local communities and around the globe. The superior quality of our internationally recognized programs are the direct result of the faculty's commitment to our students.

Undergraduate Programs

Please note: Bachelor degrees require a minimum of 124 credit hours and may vary by program. Associate degrees require a minimum of 56 credit hours and also vary by program. Certificates require a minimum of 12 credit hours. Students should refer to specific program requirements in the university catalog for details.

Pre-Professional Programs

Explore different degrees before you choose!

The Exploratory Program is designed to help you find your passion while discovering your skill strengths.
Exploratory Program

Next Steps

Taking the first step could possibly put you on the path to making one of the most impactful experiences of your life. That first step is not an easy decision to make, but one you don't have to take alone.


honors students

Honors Program

The Honors Program strives to enhance opportunities available to high-achieving students to enable them to meet their academic potential fully.