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CAMPUS SECURITY:  316-942-4291 ext. 2911

Newman University strives to provide a campus environment that is safe and secure for all students, faculty and staff. Your awareness of policy and procedure is considered essential to campus security. Newman University provides 24 hour, seven days a week uniform security. The officers assigned are licensed through the City of Wichita and are authorized to enforce laws and policies on University property. The Security Department complies with the reporting requirements of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, has close working relations with the Wichita Police Department, and cooperates with all law enforcement agencies.

React - Rapid Emergency Action Checklist

The Rapid Emergency Action Checklist (REACT) is intended to provide an easy source of information on specific steps that should be taken for the safety of you, others and to protect property in the minutes following a sudden emergency event.

View Emergency Checklist

Reporting Crimes

All crimes occurring on Newman University property should be reported to the Wichita Police Department and to campus Security. The victim of a crime on campus should first call 911 to make a serial numbered incident report with the police and, in an emergency situation, obtain police and/or other emergency services.

Newman University Security will respond to emergency situations on campus and calls for aid, and will offer assistance until other agencies arrive.

Campus crime victims are strongly encouraged to file a formal Incident Report with University Security. Such a report serves to document the incident, enabling the Security Department to become better apprised of the situation and more proactive in follow-up and prevention efforts.

PERSONAL COUNSELING: Confidential short-term personal counseling is available on a referral basis without charge for students who wish to discuss concerns about university, family or personal life. Call Ext. 2453 for a confidential referral.

Fire Drills

To prepare students and staff for emergency situations, evacuation drills will be conducted in the residence halls. Refusal to evacuate during a drill will result in disciplinary action and/or charges. Each time the alarm goes off residents should consider it a real fire and evacuate immediately, complying with all Residence Life Staff instructions.

Crime and Fire Statistics

Enforcement of Policies

Newman University policies will be justly enforced by campus security by the rules set forth in the university handbooks below: 

Newman University Policies and Procedures