Pre-Professional - Dentistry

The pre-dentistry program at our private university is designed to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to enter dental school. We advise you to learn the admissions requirements of the dental school you plan to attend, then work with the pre-dentistry advisors to fulfill those requirements. This ensures that you meet the requirements and increases acceptance when applying to your ideal dentistry program.

You will gain a better understanding of the field of dentistry with one-on-one attention from our faculty and the opportunity to shadow anywhere from 100-200 hours. We also have faculty who teach for KU Med, which gives our students the opportunity to interact with current med school students. Many of our students have majored in Biology or Chemistry/BioChemistry as a foundation degree.

Program Curriculum


About Our Faculty

Our faculty and staff have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for a career in dentistry. If you need clarification on a class assignment or advice on how to approach your future, you can feel confident that our faculty is available and ready to help.

Career Outlook

While pursuing a degree in pre-dentistry, you can expect a promising future. The dentistry field is projected to grow 18% between 2014 and 2024. Our students are prepared to meet the expected demand for dentists.


A degree in pre-dentistry will give you the opportunity to pursue further education and eventually work in a variety of fields and specialties related to dentistry. Here are some examples of potential careers and median salaries:

  • Dental Assistant ($35,000 a year)
  • Dental Hygienist ($70,000 a year)
  • Dentist ($166,000 a year)
  • Pediatric Dentist ($169,000 a year)


Our pre-dentistry students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by interning and shadowing in the Wichita community. This allows you to gain experience in dental offices or in clinical research programs. We also take the time to conduct mock interviews for all of our students going into a medical field. This, along with shadowing and internships, helps you prepare for the most important interview of your career.

Get Involved on Campus

One of the best ways to find success during your college career is to get involved in campus clubs and organizations. Within our pre-dentistry program, our students can join the Newman University Medical Professions Club (NUMPC), an organization of 200+ members that gives students of all pre-professional medical disciplines the opportunities for mentoring and community involvement (including mission trips). This organization allows for personal growth, networking, and future career success.

Program Outcomes

Success Story — Nathan Siple, Class of 2016

Nathan Siple knew he wanted to be a dentist. He also knew he wanted to combine his other passions in life with dentistry. "I honestly have always dreamed about being a dentist and on the side — being a worship leader for my church," said Nathan. Nathan found the perfect opportunity to combine his faith with his professional goals at Newman. He not only remained active in campus ministry, but he also performed in concerts for various events around campus. Nathan plans to attend dental school after college with hopes of owning his own local practice where he will have an opportunity to minister to those under his care.

Success Story — Best Doctors of 2015

Three of our own Newman alumni were placed on the “Best Doctors in America List” for 2015. This list is an online resource created by Best Doctors, Inc., who believes that the best physicians are picked by other physicians. Bart Grelinger, Larry Hund and Patrick George Wolf (all Newman alumni) were selected for the list and appeared in the Oct. 30 issue of the Wichita Business Journal. Hund and Wolf graduated in 1974. Hund practices pediatric medicine at Mid-Kansas Pediatric Associates PA, and Wolf specializes in internal medicine and practices at Internal Medicine South Grelinger attended medical school at KU, is now a senior partner with Neurology Consultants of Kansas.

"Newman University has blessed me with opportunities to further my career and expand my ministry. I am in awe of the places God has taken me and I feel that I just got started."

Nathan Siple, Class of 2016

"I think there are 170-some people out of medical school or currently in medical who’ve come out of Newman University...Lots of dentists. They guide you in the right places to put you in the profession that’ll be the best for you, where your personality fits."

Dr. Bart Grelinger, 2015 Best Doctors List and Father of Newman Student