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Pre-Professional - Physician Assistant

The Newman University Pre-Physician Assistant program is specifically designed to prepare students to compete for placement in top Physician Assistant universities while fulfilling the concentration-level academic requirements right here in Wichita. 


Check back soon for curriculum information for the 2022-23 school year.

Our faculty and staff have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for a career as a Physician Assistant. If you need clarification on a class assignment or advice on how to approach your future, you can feel confident that our faculty is available and ready to help.

Job Outlook

While pursuing a degree in Pre-physician Assistant, you can expect a promising future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the physician assistant field field is projected to grow 31% between 2018 and 2028, within the top 10 fastest growing fields.


Get Involved on Campus

One of the best ways to find success during your college career is to get involved in campus clubs and organizations. Within our pre-occupational therapy program, our students can join the

Newman University Medical Professions Club (
NUMPC), an organization of 200+ members that gives students of all pre-professional medical disciplines the opportunities for mentoring and community involvement (including mission trips). This organization allows for personal growth, networking, and future career success.

Program Outcomes

"I would definitely recommend Newman. I was an undergraduate student, and I stayed just because it’s worth any amount of money because you’re a person there. You get to know everyone. I know so many of the staff, the faculty, there’s nothing like it."

Krista Greenlee, '16

"The communication and teamwork, especially with my advisors, and having that small classroom size really helped me because it was one on one. The knew my name, and I wasn’t just a number."

Emily Lievan, '16