Digital Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design merges creativity with technology. We teach principles of design as well as a broad range of marketable skills—from design thinking to mastering industry standard software–needed to pursue a successful career in web design, UX/UI, motion graphics, and online publishing while keeping priority on principles of art/design and emphasizing individual creativity.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire a foundation in digital design skills and tools.
  • Develop analytical (research) and critical thinking skills to fully understand the ‘problem.’
  • Develop communication skills collaborating and presenting to others.
  • Articulate, research and conceptualize multiple solutions to any design problem.
  • Communicate design intent, clearly and competently, in their work, speech, and writing.
  • Convert abstract design requirements into original and creative design work.
  • Integrate the use of technology seamlessly into the design process.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership and collaborative skills to work across disciplines (cross- functional) as a successfully implementing and integrating design.
  • Become life-long learners.

What Makes the Digital Design Program at Newman Unique?

  • There is no comparable program in the region. Newman will be the only college/university offering a Digital Design with UX/UI emphasis specific major.
  • Flexible delivery including on the ground, hybrid, and online courses.
  • Emphasis on Interdisciplinary approach.
  • Strong foundation in the Liberal Arts, through the Newman Studies Program.
  • Strong Catholic foundation, reflecting the Mission of Newman University and based on Catholic social values.

Ways to Engage on Campus

  1. Apply for our Art Scholarship
  2. Annual Literary Festival
  3. Annual student art exhibit and juried shows in Steckline Gallery
  4. Arts competitions sponsored through Student Life and the ASC as part of homecoming

Bachelor Degrees

Our faculty and staff have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for a career in Digital Design. If you need clarification on a class assignment or advice on how to approach your future, you can feel confident that our faculty is available and ready to help.

Potential Careers in Digital Design

  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • UX Writer, Content Strategist
  • UX Researcher
  • Information Architect
  • Product Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Multi-media Artist
  • Graphic Designer

“The design [foundations and graphic design] courses helped prepare me for my current position with University Relations where I do some design work. I understand the terms, programs and how to use them, and how to reach the goals of my assignments.” 

– Tony Ureno (Art Major, Junior)

“As an artist I’m constantly learning how to create just by seeing the world around me, but this also must be guided by a firm grasp of basic principles of art and design. The foundations classes I have taken – Drawing Foundations, Design Foundations, and 3D Design Foundations – give me the building blocks on which my imaginative perception of the world can be framed. The skills of working from general to specific and taking breaks from your work are applicable not only in the formal study of fine/studio art but also in the world of graphic design, engineering, marketing, problem solving, and all places where creativity is needed in the real world.” 

– Elianna Gaytan (Art Major, Freshman)

“The foundations art courses have been some of the most fun classes that I have taken in college. They have also helped me to hone my skills in drawing and design concepts, which are fundamental skills that I know, will be a valuable whatever path of life I find myself on. Whether I pursue illustration, graphic design, marketing, or any other career, these courses are helping equip me to make a difference and be successful.” 

– Rebekah Strickbine (Art Major, Freshman) 

“Taking art classes has made my creativity increase and my design ideas more unique. Going through the foundations courses has helped me to better understand the demands asked of me. The classes are fun, great, and a necessary step to achieve a firm grasp of the design process I’ll be using every day. It is exciting to see the progress I have made for my career and in art in general.”

– Cole Whitmore (Art Major, Junior)

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