Website / Email Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

The use of Newman University's sites is a service provided freely to the public. In exchange, all we ask is that we collect information about your visit so that Newman University can:

  • Improve the web experience for our visitors
  • Better understand the behaviors of potential students, current student, and alumni
  • Effectively and efficiently execute paid advertising campaigns

Do you collect information that identifies me individually?

We do not collect any personal information that identifies you individually unless you explicitly send us information through the use of a web form. Providing such information is strictly voluntary. We do, however, collect limited non-individually identifying information without your consent such as:

  • IP Address
  • General location (city and state)
  • Website source (the web page you visited that linked to Newman University's websites)
  • Age group
  • Gender

How are you able to collect my non-personally identifying information?

We use many technologies including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and similar marketing tracking platforms. The technology works by saving a small text file called a cookie on you computer or mobile device that saves information about your website visit. The next time you visit our websites, the cookie will be read to see if you have visited before and what actions you took on our websites. Learn more about cookies and how they are used.

Does Newman University sell my information?

Newman University will not sell your information to anyone. We may share your information with partners or third-party software solutions to help us efficiently manage and analyze data.

I don't want to share any of my information. What can I do?

You can setup your web browser to disable cookies. Learn how to do this here.

I want to know exactly what information Newman University is collecting from me. How can I do that?

Please contact us. We will gladly share a detailed list of services we use to track our visitors and provide specific information we have collected from you.

Why am I receiving automated emails from Newman?

You are likely receiving email from us because you have opted into a newsletter or marketing campaign. We occasionally acquire email lists from third party vendors for admissions recruiting efforts. These lists only include individuals who have expressed that they would like to be contacted by universities that match the potential student's eligibility. 

I'd like to stop getting emails from Newman University.

At anytime you may choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to particular email lists or groups or you may decide to unsubscribe to all lists. To do so, simply click the "Update Your Preferences" link located at the bottom of the email. If for some reason, you are unable to do so, please contact us.

What information is collected through my interaction with Newman University emails?

We are able to track information for each individual such as:

  • How many people opened and email from a campaign (open rate)
  • How many people clicked on a particular link within an email (click rate)
  • The timeframe in which most people viewed an email

Questions about our policies

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us.