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In-Class & Online MBA in Finance

Financial management is at the core of value creation for every enterprise. Finance concentration courses cover topics including financial statement analysis, treasury management tools, international financial management and an expanded study of financial management theory and practice.

Finance Curriculum Track

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Finance Concentration Course Descriptions

BSAD 6553 - Financial Statement Analysis (3)
An in-depth study of financial statement analysis for debt and equity financing, cash flow forecasting, regulatory compliance, and information content. Topics include evaluation of short and long-term financing options, accounting information on security returns, bond rating factors and yields, and the reliability of historical and forecasted financial reporting. Prerequisites: BSAD 6133 or an undergraduate course in financial accounting and BSAD 6503.

BSAD - 6573 Treasury Management (3)
A study of the tools of liquidity management in the firm. Topics include working capital management, liquidity and financial flexibility, cash forecasting, credit policies, options valuation, and the management of financial risk. Prerequisite: BSAD 6503.

BSAD 6513 - International Financial Management (3)
This course is a survey of the financial decisions faced by multinational and transnational enterprises. Topics include the international financial environment, exchange risk management, global financing, and the investment and funds management decisions of multinational and transnational firms. Prerequisite: BSAD 6503.

BSAD 6523 - Financial Management 2 (3)
This course extends and expands materials learned in BSAD 6503 Financial Management 1. Students will study the linkage between current finance theory and practice, including capital markets, cost of capital, capital formation, leverage and capital structure, risk and return, financial instruments, dividends and dividend policy, and mergers and acquisitions. Prerequisites: BSAD 6133 or an undergraduate course in financial accounting and BSAD 6503.