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Data Analytics Graduate Certificate

Data Analytics Certification MBA

Newman University’s Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics affords a unique opportunity for professionals to acquire high-demand knowledge and skills within the span of a single calendar year. This certificate is designed for individuals who have already completed a bachelor’s degree and desire to become a part of the growing community of data professionals. The knowledge and skills acquired will be immediately applicable across many fields, from banking to healthcare administration to sports analytics. And it will be relevant across all business units, from administration to marketing, finance, human resources, and supply chain management.

The coursework for this certificate can be applied directly toward the Masters of Business Administration with Business Analytics concentration at Newman University.

Those who have already completed an MBA or other graduate degree may add this certificate to further enhance their educational background.

Classes for the Data Analytics Graduate Certificate begin October, 2020. Seats are limited.

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Data Analytics Graduate Certificate - Required Curriculum

Total of 12 Credit Hours

BSAD 6433 Data Analysis & Visualization

This course will explore current trends in data analysis, with a focus on descriptive analytics and data visualization. Students will develop proficiency in designing and developing interactive digital dashboards using software such as Tableau Desktop, Microsoft Power BI, etc.

BSAD 6434 Database Systems & SQL

A graduate-level survey of current database technologies, with hands-on experience designing, managing, and querying databases. Includes training in SQL for composing queries.

BSAD 6863 Descriptive & Predictive Analytics

Students will deepen their understanding of data analysis processes, tools, and techniques, including both descriptive and predictive analytics. Students will advance their proficiency with industry-leading analytics and visualization software and refine their presentation and reporting skills.

BSAD 6873 Data Analytics Seminar

Advanced study of current trends, methods, and techniques in data analysis processes and procedures, culminating in one or more significant projects, designed to prepare students to play a leadership role in real-world analytics projects.