MBA - Concentration in Leadership

The Newman University School of Business Master of Business in Leadership Concentration explores the discovery of personal leadership style, examines how interpersonal skills can impact leadership behavior, and studies the methods used to create positive and productive work environments. Focus is placed on individual employee support and success, understanding leadership style and practices, and identifying personal leadership resources that align with personal leadership growth designed to enhance leadership skills. Personal leadership self-discovery through assessment and personal leadership plan application is one of many outcomes of the program.

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Who is the MBA in Leadership designed For?

The MBA in Leadership is designed to be flexible for the working class adult while also for professionals who may be in transition and need a completive edge to set themselves apart. 

MBA in Leadership Careers

  • Business Leaders & Managers
  • Aspiring Leaders & Managers
  • Athletic Coaches
  • Pastors
  • School Administrators
  • Non-Profit Leaders
  • IT Leadership
  • Hospital Administrators

Program Curriculum


Leadership Course Descriptions

Leadership Concentration - 12 credit hours

    BSAD 6105 Personal Leadership (3)

    This course was designed to present a theoretical and practical framework for developing and enhancing personal leadership. Course emphasis will be on leadership development though the use of validated leadership assessments, the creation of a personal leadership strategic plan, a fundamental understanding of leadership, as well as prerequisites for leadership effectiveness. Focus will include understanding the practices, experiences, and resources that will foster leadership growth and enhance leadership skills. Particular emphasis is given to the discovery of individual strengths and opportunity areas.

    BSAD 6107 Leadership Theory (3)

    This course will provide students with a survey of leadership theories from the early 1900s to modern day. Students will learn the primary leadership theories of skill, trait, transactional, transformational, situational, servant leadership, and charismatic leadership. Attention will also be given to more theoretically obscure theories such as leader-member exchange, the psychodynamic approach and path-goal theory in order to enhance understanding of the complexities associated with leading. While the overarching purpose of the course is to establish a solid, theoretical understanding of leadership theory, student will continue self-discovery through assessment and continued work on their personal leadership plan initiated in the “Personal Leadership Development” course.

    BSAD 6109 The Emotionally Intelligent Executive (3)

    This course serves as an exploration of the benefits, principles, and applications of emotional intelligence (EQ). This course will examine EQ within the framework of business and through high performance within professional settings. It highlights methods that are used to create positive and productive worksite conditions and support individual employee success. Using strategies presented through the ability and emotional-social competence models, student are taught leadership within today’s diverse organizational environment.

    BSAD 6783 Executive Development (3)

    An advanced course in managerial philosophy and techniques. The emphasis is placed on self-development of the executive. The functions of planning, organizing, motivating, and communicating are all developed at length. A large number of source books are used. Emphasis will be placed on emerging managerial prospects, ethical and moral issues, and the challenge of change.

Looking for a Certification Instead of an MBA degree?

The Newman University School of Business also offers a Graduate Leadership Certificate. The certificate program is designed to be completed within one year and is for:

  • Individuals who have already completed a bachelor’s degree and wish to sharpen their skills or for the MBA graduate. The certificate coursework can later be directly applied toward the MBA degree concentration.
  • Individuals who have already completed an MBA, or other graduate degree, can further develop their professional training by completing additional graduate certificates in any of the supplemental fields offered by the Newman School of Business.

View the Graduate Leadership Certificate Program