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MBA Leadership Program

Leadership Curriculum Track

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LEADERSHIP Concentration Course Descriptions

BSAD 6033 - Organizational Change and Development (3)
A study of organizational change theory, process and models; the role of change agents; organizational diagnosis and intervention; culture, process, strategy, structure and technology changes in organizations, and measurement of change effectiveness. Prerequisite: BSAD 6203.

BSAD 6093 - Negotiation and Influence (3)
A study of strategies and techniques for successful negotiation and conflict resolution in an organizational environment. Topics include motivation factors, integrative and distributive strategies, bargaining tactics, power, conflict and persuasion.

BSAD 6623 - Leadership (3)
This interdisciplinary course will use biography to present historical, philosophical, and contemporary theories of leadership. Philosophies and skills needed for becoming effective leaders within continuously changing organizations will be presented, including an assessment of leadership tendencies.

BSAD 6913 - Business and Society (3)
Business and Society examines the role of government regulation as well as the need for new models of business-community collaboration. Business and Society emphasizes that businesses have social (as well as economic) responsibilities to society; that business and government both have important roles to play in the modern economy; and that ethics and integrity are essential to personal fulfillment and to business success.