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David Cochran


Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. David Cochran is passionate about preparing students to enter careers that fit their skills and interests. He is equally passionate about new opportunities arising from technological innovation.

Dr. Cochran has previously taught courses in Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Computer Programming, and Information Systems. In 2012, he founded a Digital Marketing and Web Development company, BitBrilliant, LLC. In 2016, he sold the company to devote his energies to teaching the art and science of Data Analysis and Visualization — a rising field whose growing demand promises to position graduates well for the marketplace of the future. He sees Data Analytics as more than just a field of opportunity, but as an opportunity to make a difference. He agrees with leading practitioners who refer to their work as a truthful art — an art with the potential to bring true insight and meaningful transformation.

Dr. Cochran and his wife have been married for 25 years and have six children. He enjoys getting outdoors: hiking, fishing, horse riding, kayaking, etc. He enjoys science fiction. And he loves good conversations about topics ranging from data, science, and technology to philosophy and theology.


Oklahoma State University

Graduate Study in Data Science, 2016

Indiana University

PhD, Communication, 2008


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