MSED - School Improvement & Teacher Leadership

The School Improvement and Teacher Leadership program prepares school leaders to collaborate with teams, to complete course objectives for their schools and share best practices with other schools. It is anticipated that school districts will send more than one functional role to participate in the program so that the assignments can help participants to utilize tools to carry out their roles to meet accreditation requirements. 

Course Delivery

This is an 11 course (33 credit hour) graduate degree program. All 8-week courses are taught within a flexible delivery model that includes face-to-face and webcam or streaming video, as well as online modules. These innovative methods, with timely and rich feedback, are the hallmarks of Newman’s outcome based “personal touch” program.  This program is designed for completion in less than two years!

View the Interactive Course Schedule

  • EDUC 6003 Cultural Diversity
  • EDUC 6053 Advanced Curriculum Methods
  • EDUC 6063 Advanced Instructional Methods
  • EDUC 6073 Assessing Student Learning
  • EDUC 6023 Research & Applications
  • EDUC 6083 Vision & Plan for Sch Improvement
  • EDUC 6093 Lead Networks of Collab Practice
  • EDUC 6193 Prof Learning in Emerging Contexts
  • EDUC 7043 Eval School Improve Initiatives & Accountability Structures
  • BSAD 6953 Data Analytics for Improved Schools
  • EDUC 7073 Sustaining a Culture for Continuous Improvement