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MSED - ESOL Curriculum and Instruction

In Kansas and throughout the nation, there is a growing need for teachers who can provide instruction and educational support when English is the second language for students. The Newman University Graduate School of Education offers two programs: One is for candidates seeking a graduate degree in education; the other is for candidates seeking ESOL licensure endorsement only.

The Curriculum 

The Newman ESOL Curriculum and Instruction program is designed to ensure that candidates have a deep understanding of curriculum from not only a classroom view, but also from a systems view. Candidates will gain a strong knowledge base of the effective instructional strategies necessary for optimal student learning, as well as fundamentals of educational research, professional writing and curriculum. In addition, graduates are prepared with leadership skill sets necessary to improve the quality of education in highly diverse settings.

This 10 course (30 credit hour) graduate degree program is designed to provide full-time working teachers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for excellence in teaching all students, especially those students for whom English is a second language. This degree also prepares teachers to successfully complete the Praxis exam and add the ESOL endorsement to their license.

Course Delivery

All 8-week courses are taught within a flexible delivery model that includes live and recorded Zoom sessions, as well as online modules.  This program is designed for completion in less than two years!

Required Courses 

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  • EDUC 6003 Cultural Diversity *
  • EDUC 6013 Educational Law OR EDUC 6553 Reciprocal Reading and Writing Process
  • EDUC 6023 Research and Applications
  • EDUC 6293 Advanced Curriculum and Instructional Methods
  • EDUC 6073 Assessing Student Learning
  • EDUC 6113 Applied Linguistics*
  • EDUC 6123 ESOL Assessment*
  • EDUC 6133 ESOL Methods*
  • EDUC 7063 Leadership Theories and Philosophies OR EDUC 6513 Accessing Literature and Informational Text
  • EDUC 7590 ESOL Practicum*

*ESOL Endorsement courses

Note for future Licensure:
6013 and 7063 are required for Building Leadership Licensure
6513 and 6553 are required for Reading Specialist Licensure

Degree Requirements

  • Completion of designated courses (or approval of substitutions by advisor)
  • Successful completion of the field-based ESOL practicum 3.0 GPA or above in graduate courses

Looking for ESOL Endorsement Only?

Learn more about the 15 credit hour ESOL Licensure Endorsement Program.