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MSED - Building Leadership

The Newman University Building Leadership program is leading the field in current knowledge and pedagogy for developing educators with the critical skill sets to be the leaders our children and schools deserve. In today’s intense period of change and accountability in education, school administrators who can provide strong leadership are in high demand. The Newman Graduate School of Education offers degree and licensure programs for candidates interested in meeting that demand and advancing their careers.

The Curriculum

Candidates in the Newman Building Leadership programs “learn by doing.” Throughout their course of study, candidates evaluate their schools to identify possible areas of need, then research and incorporate best practices, analyze and propose school policy, and design, implement and lead projects to enhance and improve their schools.

This 10 course (30 credit hour) graduate degree program is designed to provide licensed educators with the insights, skills and methods necessary to become effective building leaders.  This program prepares candidates to successfully pass the School Leadership Licensure Assessment (SLLA) and apply for their first PreK-12 Conditional Building Leadership License in the state of Kansas.

Graduates will gain knowledge of school finance, human resources, educational law, leadership language skills, educational research and advanced building level, as well as a district-level understanding of curriculum and instruction in diverse settings. The curriculum includes a school-based Practicum in Building Leadership capstone course, which provides the candidate with 150 hours of leadership mentoring.  Both the Building Leadership graduate degree program and the Building Leadership licensure program are aligned to KSDE Program Standards. This includes intentional alignment to the Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Leadership Standards, the core of the School Leadership Licensure Assessment (SLLA) Praxis.

Course Delivery

All 8-week courses are taught within a flexible delivery model that includes live and recorded Zoom sessions.

Required Courses

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  • EDUC 6003 Cultural Diversity
  • EDUC 6013 Educational Law*
  • EDUC 6023 Research and Applications
  • EDUC 6293 Advanced Curriculum and Instructional Methods
  • EDUC 6143 The Principalship*
  • EDUC 6153 Financial Resource Management*
  • EDUC 7063 Leadership Theories & Philosophies*
  • EDUC 7093 Human Resource Development*
  • EDUC 6073 Assessing Student Learning
  • EDUC 7597 Building Leadership Practicum I (2 credits)
  • EDUC 7598 Building Leadership Practicum II (1 credit)

*Courses for program assessments.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of designated courses or approval of course substitutions by advisor.
  • Maintenance of 3.0 GPA in graduate courses.