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District Leadership Licensure

The District Leadership Program is a 15 credit hour/one year program leading to PreK-12 District Leadership Licensure. This program provides an opportunity for persons who currently have completed a Building Leadership program to participate in advanced graduate training that qualifies them for positions including Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Special Education Director, or other district-wide positions.

In addition to the prescribed coursework, candidates must complete the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) praxis prior to completing the program, and submit the scores to Newman. The SSA is based on the ISLLC leadership standards regarding the knowledge, performance, and dispositions necessary for a district level position.

The Curriculum

The District Leadership Licensure Program is aligned to KSDE Program Standards. This includes intentional alignment to the Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Leadership Standards, the core of the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) Praxis.

Course Delivery

All 8-week courses are taught within a flexible delivery model that includes live and recorded Zoom sessions.

Financial Aid

Candidates for the District Leadership Licensure Program are considered non-degree seeking, and therefore, not eligible for federal aid.

15 Hours of Program Courses

  • EDUC 7303 Leadership for Learning
  • EDUC 7323 Leadership for Special Programs
  • EDUC 7343 Leadership for Business Management
  • EDUC 7363 The District Leader
  • EDUC 8983 District Leadership Practicum