MSED - Methods and Strategies for Teaching (MST)

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This graduate degree program (10 courses/30 hours) is designed to provide an accelerated alternative pathway to elementary licensure. This program is designed for candidates currently possessing an undergraduate degree in a different major. Students will receive intensive instruction during the initial summer session before beginning the academic year as the teacher of record under a Limited Elementary Apprentice License. Students will continue taking courses throughout the academic year. Working with faculty advisors and district mentors, candidates will be immersed in the education field from the start of the program to the end.

Female Elementary Teacher

Program Requirements

  • A bachelor’s or graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution     
  • A completed and approved application to the Graduate Studies Program
  • Official transcripts of bachelor’s degree and all master's level courses
  • Writing sample on the Philosophy of Education or a statement of your personal connection with the School of Education’s conceptual framework
  • Three positive references, including one supervisor
  • A grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for all undergraduate coursework – students below a 3.0 may seek an exception through our Admission’s and Progression’s Committee
  • A contract or letter of intent from a school district indicating the candidate will be hired as a K-6 teacher.

Program FAQs

Does this program qualify me for a Kansas teaching license?
After completing the initial summer courses, you will be eligible for a Limited Elementary Apprentice teaching license that will allow you to be the teacher of record in an elementary classroom while you complete the program and work toward full licensure.

Is an undergraduate degree required for this program?
An undergraduate degree is required; however, it does not have to be an education degree. This program will allow you to complete a master’s degree while also preparing you for an initial teaching license. 

Will I be provided with a mentor?
You will work closely with a mentor within your school building as well as a university supervisor throughout the program. 

What is the timeframe for this program?
Candidates will start coursework during the summer session and continue to complete courses throughout the school year. The program will conclude at the end of the Spring semester.

When can I enter this program?
You are welcome to apply to the program at any time. However, cohorts begin each Summer (May).

Program Curriculum


Our faculty and staff have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for a career in biology. If you need clarification on a class assignment or advice on how to approach your future, you can feel confident that our faculty is available and ready to help.

Careers with an MST Degree

Graduates of the Elementary Teacher Education Program can be licensed to teach grade kindergarten through 6th grade and may complete middle level endorsements in math, science, English or social studies. Job opportunities for teachers continues to be in demand as many job openings will result from the need to replace the large number of teachers who are expected to retire.

Program Outcomes

"The program changed my life and it all started with the professors. The professors have a genuine passion for education and their profession that carries over to their students -I could sense it in every building and every room. They worked with us and helped in every way for me to succeed. I am proud that I am a Newman Jet!"

- Everardo Flores, MS.Ed., ESOL Curriculum and Instruction

“I loved going to Newman! All my instructors knew me by my name. I have never had any instructor remember my name in other colleges I have previously attended. I was able to apply everything I learned at Newman directly into my classroom. I loved every assignment, there is no such thing as busy work at Newman. I have to say I truly miss having deep classroom conversations with Dr. Burke and Dr. Marx.”

- Liz Cothran, MS.Ed., Building Leadership

"The Organizational Leadership program is innovative and forward thinking. Students are well prepared through the use of leadership coaching, facilitation strategies, and partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center to transform society. This program has helped me become an effective communicator, active listener, and mindful of my impact on others and my environment."

- Megan Rucker, MS.Ed., Organizational Leadership

"This comprehensive program was challenging and personal at the same time, I felt that my professors and department chairperson are committed to facilitating an excellent program that is applicable to a diverse number of fields and organizations. I feel that I am better able to serve my community and organizations with the skills that I have acquired while at Newman."

Mandy Roderick, MS.Ed., Reading Specialist

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