Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

A degree in Marketing can open the door to many different career opportunities. As a marketing professional, graduates are free to pursue passions in a variety of industries and non-profit organizations. Whether you have a creative or analytical mindset, there is room for you a marketing professional.  The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing program will prepare students for success by providing them with a strong foundation in marketing principles that they apply in their internship.  Students enter the workforce with a competitive edge: real-world experience on their resume. 

Program Curriculum


This degree focuses on preparing you for a role that provides organizations with the information they need to determine which products to produce and for whom, where to offer them and at what price to satisfy a customer's needs in a way they find valuable while also meeting organizational objectives. 

  • Work as a marketing professional in a corporate setting, in the private sector, or in a non-profit organization
  • Function as a marketing manager, an account or sales executive, customer experience team, member of the business development team, or support brand management

While earning your B.B.A. degree with a major in Marketing, you can expect to take courses in Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Managing the Customer Experience, and Integrated Marketing Communications. In addition, you will be highly competitive when you enter the workforce after completing a semester as a Marketing Intern and having actual experience with a portfolio to show potential employers exactly what you are capable of providing to their organizations.