Benefits of Attending a Catholic College

You’ve decided to go to college, continue your education, and achieve what 70% of the U.S. population could only dream of, getting a degree. Attending a college is more than just going to classes, acquiring information and statistics, and earning a degree. Your experience at college will directly affect your opportunities when seeking a career. Attending a college that will help infuse the spiritual and moral principle in your chosen field of study is important. Here is a list of benefits to look for when making your decision on which Catholic college to attend:

Catholic Atmosphere

“Newman University is a Catholic university.” Newman University is a community of respect and inclusion, that celebrates a diverse student body, faculty, and staff. We are proud of our Catholic Identity and celebrate it throughout the academic year but are equally proud so many non-Catholic individuals feel welcomed and accepted and call Newman home. One recent inductee to the Newman Athletic Hall of Fame put it well when he spoke of his connection with Newman despite being neither an alumnus nor a member of the Catholic Church. When he saw how inclusive the Newman community is he felt a strong connection to those foundational Catholic values and has since become an essential member of the Newman family.

Catholic Intellectual Tradition

“…named for St. John Henry Newman…” In St. Newman’s monumental work “The Idea of a University,” he writes, “The aim of a University is a true enlargement of the mind…the power of viewing many things at once.” Newman University strives to be the learning environment that St. Newman envisioned by encouraging our students to be involved in sports, student government, professional development groups, general interest clubs, and all the other developmental opportunities presented to them during their time as Jets. College is a unique time in an individual’s life where he or she will make many important decisions as s young adult. Further, to help students understand the importance of the university’s Catholic Identity, all students take at least one Theology course where they will learn what makes the university’s Catholic Christian background so important.

Catholic Dedication to Service

“…and founded by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ…” We are grateful to the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASCs) for not only founding the university but also for continuing to be engaged with students on campus and in the classrooms. These dedicated religious women show their passion for service in the way they minister throughout the Wichita community as well as in their worldwide footprint of service to the most in need. Their example of service inspires the university community to complete over 250,000 service hours annually. Our founding order’s mission is so ingrained in our university’s mission that we are proud to say Newman University was recognized on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll six of the last seven years it was awarded.

Catholic Spiritual Development 

“…for the purpose of empowering graduates…” We believe for our students to be truly empowered, they must first consider the relationship they have with God; the Campus Ministry Office (CMO) offers many programs to aid students in this journey. Students are also encouraged to take more than the one required Theology course to understand the Catholic faith on an intellectual basis. They are also welcome to take more informal spiritually-based classes such as Bible studies or RCIA classes if they are considering joining the Church. The Sacrament of the Eucharist and Confession are celebrated daily during the week as well as on Sunday evenings in St. John’s Chapel. Eucharistic Adoration is celebrated on campus Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and a Perpetual Adoration chapel is less than two miles from campus. The CMO also organizes retreats, service trips, and special programs to promote fellowship and cooperation across religious affiliations.

Catholic Commitment to Critical Consciousness 

“…to transform society.” Newman University proudly offers the “Newman Studies Program” in which students participate in cross-divisional courses. The professors that teach these courses represent different programs, and they work together to show how their respective fields might relate in exciting and unexpected ways. In learning how justice and biology can connect, a student might be inspired to join the CMO to the Annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Or perhaps a course mixing sociology and genetics could motivate a student to volunteer at the local Adult Day Services program serving adult clients with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD). By participating in cross-divisional courses, our students are encouraged to see issues from multiple perspectives. In this way, we are able to develop the skills necessary to live in a state of critical consciousness in order to see to transform society, in both small and large ways.

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