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Campus Clubs

Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) allow students to build communities through connections made by common interests and identities.  These communities will provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership, promote awareness of issues, expand professional and personal competencies, and engage with Newman University and local communities outside of the classroom.

Organization Registration

Click below to complete the online registration for proposing a new club/organization or to register an existing club/organization for the new academic year.

Organization Registration Form

Registered Student Organization Events

Registered student organizations are required to complete the Student Organization Event Registration Form in order to hold an organization-sponsored event. 

Student Organization Event Request Form

Registered Student Organization Manual 

The Student Organization Manual explains some basic policies and procedures you need to know as a student organization at Newman University. The purpose of this handbook is to provide information and policies for the success of your programs and activities.

Registered Student Organization Manual

Registered Student Organizations

Asian Student Association (ASA)

RSO Type: Multicultural 

Asian Student Association Mission: Students of various backgrounds working in unity to promote diverse cultures at Newman University through service, learning, and socializing experiences.

President: Shayla To

Advisor: Huachuan Wen, Ed.D. 

ASA Facebook Page

Campus Ministry

RSO Type:  Faith-Based/Religious

Campus Ministry Mission:  Campus Ministry exists to bring Jesus Christ to Newman University's community.  To this end, Campus Ministry provides a robust sacramental life to inspire personal holiness, fellowship to foster a supportive faith community, service to bring Christ's love to others, faith formation to deepen understanding, and outreach to support the whole Newman community.  Campus Ministry is structured primarily around Catholic traditions and practices while also welcoming and supporting the practice and expression of other faith traditions.

President:  Jose Morales

Advisor:  Father Adam Grelinger

Chemistry Club

RSO Type: Academic 

Chemistry Club Mission: Provide students with an environment that supports the creative ideas of chemistry students as well as promotes, encourages, and maintains students' interest in Chemistry.

President: Joshua Dessenberger

Advisor: Ryan Huschka 

Newman Circle K International (CKI)

RSO Type:  Service/Philanthropic

CKI Mission:  Circle K International is the world's largest student-led collegiate service organization, with thousands of members on hundreds of campuses on five continents across the globe.  CKI is the collegiate branch of the Kiwanis International family.  Being one of these chapters Newman CKI upholds the commitment to develop leaders by offering unique service, leadership, and fellowship opportunities that not only change the world by change member's lives.  CKI members leave college with real-life networking and advocating skills AND service leadership.  CKI members are dedicated to childhood development, environmental justice, serving those who are food insecure or lack housing and mental health.  We also partner with UNICEF USA to raise awareness about the need for clean drinking water worldwide.

President: Ashley Dinh

Advisor: Jordan Bani

Disc Golf Club

RSO Type:  Recreational/Athletic

Disc Golf Club Mission:  Disc Golf Club is dedicated to bringing people outside to build community and comradery through physical activity, laughter, and quality time.

President:  Steven Nguyen

Advisor:  Father Adam Grelinger

Diversity Round Table Ambassadors (DRT)

RSO Type: Multicultural/Social

Diversity Round Table Mission: DRT exists to enhance cultural awareness, political awareness, and social events, provide support for the students and aims to advocate, celebrate and educate Newman University's community with diversity initiatives. 

President: Avery Ashley

Advisor: Vanessa Rials

Gardening Club

RSO Type: Special Interest 

Gardening Club Mission: Promote eco-friendliness and share our love of nature. 

President: Britney Ma

Advisor: Susan Crane-Laracuente

Hispanic-American Leadership Organization (HALO)

RSO Type: Multicultural 

HALO Mission: HALO is dedicated to promoting Latinx culture on campus and throughout the Wichita community; through this effort we will strengthen the recognition and understanding of our rich culture. We will provide a united fellowship for addressing issues and concerns affecting students on campus and in the Wichita community. 


Advisor: Sonja Bontrager  

Jets For Life

RSO: Educational/Service

Jets For Life Mission: Jets for Life is a Pro-Life club. This club aims to participate in Newman University’s mission and code by encouraging a culture that holds all life to have inherent dignity, especially the unborn, children, and mothers. The club will go about doing this by providing education and service, on and off campus.

President: Kaylee McNeill

Advisor: Julia Sanders

Multicultural Leadership Organization (MCLO)

RSO Type: Multicultural 

MCLO Mission: MCLO is a student organization that promotes cultural awareness, unity, and leadership.

President: Carolina Mariscal

Advisor: Susan Crane-Laracuente 

Newman University Medical Professions Club (NUMPC)

RSO Type: Academic 

NUMPC Mission: Promote and facilitate NU pre-professional student education and acceptance into professional schools.

President: Marie Moore

Advisor: Michael Bradley 

Newman University Nursing Club 

RSO Type: Academic/Social/Networking

Newman University Nursing Club Mission: Provide students interested in pursuing a nursing major at Newman Univeristy an opportunity for academic, professional, spiritual, and social enrichment. 

President: Addison Sier

Advisor: Amelia Hopper 

Newman University Occupational Therapy Student Association (NOTSA)

RSO Type: Academic 

NOTSA Mission: Increase communication among students and add to their knowledge of the profession, with the guidance of the faculty, through the activities that NOTSA sponsors. Participation in NOTSA will support an environment conducive to personal and professional growth. Opportunities for development and leadership, organizational, and public speaking skills exist through committee involvement, or holding an elected office of NOTSA. 

President: Taylor St.John

Advisor: Melissa Smith 

Newman Theatre Club (NTC)

RSO Type: Art or Theatre 

Newman Theatre Club Mission: To promote an interest in theatre, both at Newman University and in the Wichita community. To help provide students with opportunities to attend theatrical productions, to increase attendance and participation in theatre productions at Newman University. 

President: Austin Schwartz

Advisor: Mark Mannette

Pi Gamma Mu

RSO Type: Honor Society 

Pi Gamma Mu Mission: Encourage and recognize superior scholarship in social-science disciplines and to foster cooperation and social service among its members. Pi Gamma Mu serves the various social-science disciplines which seek to understand and explain human behavior and social relationships as well as their related problems and issues. 

President: Paige Roubideau

Advisor: Larry Heck 

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

RSO Type: Recreational/Athletic 

SAAC Mission: To ensure and enhance the student-athlete experience through prompting opportunities within the university, athletic department, and outside community while providing a facet to serve and protect the interests and image of the student-athlete.

President: Lauren Esfeld

Advisor: Maureen Rohleder

STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

RSO Type: Academic 

STEM Club Mission: To advocate for STEM field activities and opportunities while striving to affect positive change in the Newman and Wichita community at large and its members' lives.

President: Daniel Knolla

Advisor: Barbara Sponsel 

Student Alumni Board

RSO Type: Social/Networking 

Student Alumni Board Mission: Bring together a diverse group of students with a variety of interests, majors and backgrounds, who have been selected to foster connections between alumni and students by interacting with alumni and by encouraging students to consider their role as future alums. 

Advisor: Ray Williams