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Being an expert in the financial field means a graduate will develop business relationships with clients, assess their financial status, interview and gather data, implement cash management strategies, calculate debt repayment schedules and risk management and more.  Students looking to be a leader in the high-stakes financial industry will find that earning a bachelor’s of business administration degree with a major in Finance will get them further ahead.

About Our Faculty

Newman University School of Business

Combined with superior knowledge and years of experience in their trade, the finance faculty members work with students on a personal level to provide the highest quality of education possible. 

Career Outlook

According the BLS data, employment for financial managers, financial analysts, and personal financial advisors is expected to grow by an average of 16.3% over the next ten years, moderately higher than the all-occupation average of 11%.  That means that the best jobs are going to see stiff competition, and focused degrees and qualifications will become more and more necessary to get ahead.

Careers in Finance

Although growth can vary by industry, job candidates with a demonstrable mastery of the field will enjoy the best job prospects and higher earning potential, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Median salaries range from $89,160 for Personal Financial Planners to $117,990 for financial managers.  Successful financial managers are diligent, thorough, and active leaders with a strong knack for solving problems by both inductive and deductive reasoning.

Student Testimonials

"I wouldn’t change it for the world. I had fun. It was a great time and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life."


"It’s worth the money. I’ll tell you it’s worth the money, the sacrifice to get an education, because in the long run it represents who you are. When you get that degree it adds value to you as a person."


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