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Spanish Minor

About Our Spanish Program


This minor focuses on preparing you to expand your linguistic ability to advance any career

  • Work as an interpreter or translator
  • Pursue teaching Spanish at a high school or college level
  • Function in bilingual career fields, such as healthcare and social work

While earning your Spanish minor, you can expect to take courses including Intermediate Spanish, Spanish Conversation, Spanish Readings, and Spanish Civilization & Culture.


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Visit the University Catalog page for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements


18-22 total credit hours including:

SPAN 2014 Intermediate Spanish or SPAN 2115 Intermediate Spanish Abroad
SPAN 2024 Intermediate Spanish 2 or SPAN 2125 Intermediate Spanish 2 Abroad
SPAN 2043 Spanish Conversation 1 or SPAN 2143 Spanish Conversation 1 Abroad
SPAN 2053 Spanish Readings    
SPAN 2013 Spanish and Latin American Civilization and Culture
SPAN 3881 Field Experience or SPAN 3893 Spanish Field Experience