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Bachelor of Arts in Art

The visual arts program at Newman University is an exciting place for exploration, learning and experimentation. Our bachelor of arts degree allows students to create individualized learning programs. Our focus is not on one expected outcome, but on a process that allows you to shape your art in effective and unexpected ways. You will be encouraged to question, define and think about art and your role as creative individuals.

About Our Art Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Art is a great blend (as a double major or minor) with degrees in marketing, communications, education, and psychology. The BA in Art can also prepare students for an advanced degree in those disciplines. 

As students advance through the program, they will be able to enter student juried competitions and exhibitions regionally and nationally as well as participate in internships and cooperative education opportunities. 

This degree focuses on preparing you for a role in a variety of creative arts:

  • Practice in a variety of areas including art illustration, community art programs, and packaging
  • Work as an artist in ceramics, graphic design, painting/drawing, printmaking, or sculpture artist
  • Lead as a museum or gallery curator or director

While earning your Bachelor of Arts in Art, you can expect to take courses including Drawing, Ceramics, Photography, Graphic Design, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Painting. A complete four-year plan of study can be found here.