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Electives in Graphic Design

Graphic design is everywhere. Billboards, magazines, ads, logos, posters. The average person sees approximately 3,000 pieces of design or marketing materials everyday. Graphic design is essentially about providing meaning to unrelated needs, ideas, words and pictures. In good designs, all of the elements works together to point to the same message. Becoming a graphic designer is a matter of interest, training, experience and thinking about the world around you and how to communicate with its inhabitants. The challenge of being a designer involves addressing the needs of the client and target audience.

Our computer lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology which enables our students to enter the job market with the knowledge and understanding of all the latest techniques and applications. You will produce a body of work that is competitive and professional. Along with thought provoking projects, you will develop the ability to clearly communicate your ideas.

Graphic Design Information Sheet