Fugate Hall

Fugate Hall offers two and four-bedroom apartments. Alcohol is allowed only in apartments where both/all residents are over the age of 21. Any apartment with a resident under the age of 21 is considered dry.

Junior Standing+ and/or 21 Years old+

Apartment Amenities

  • Two-Bedroom: 605 sq. ft.
  • Four-Bedroom: 995 sq. ft.
    • Extra-long twin bed
    • Three-drawer dresser
    • Computer desk and chair
  • Couch, overstuffed chair, & end table
  • Stove, full-size refrigerator, kitchen table & chairs
  • Wireless Internet service

Building Amenities

  • Keycard access to the building
  • Large, first-floor laundry room
  • Spacious lobby on each floor
  • Vending machines

For more information on visitation hours and other Residence Life policies, please refer to the Residence Life Handbook.

Residence Hall Tips

Make the most of your budget

Instead of going to the theater, ask around and see if anyone has a movie you haven't seen. Or, borrow a movie from the library. Make a floor party out of it. You'll meet people and probably talk to someone who has a movie for next time!

Things you won't want to be without

Bring your favorite thing with you - an old blanket, stuffed toy, pictures . . . whatever will make you feel at home, no matter where you are.

Etiquette considerations

Respect quiet hours. Attend and help plan events. Take your trash out - no one likes a smelly room. If your music is shaking your room, then it's shaking your neighbor's room. Chances are, they don't enjoy it as much as you do.

Survival tips

Get enough sleep! Actually go to class, and buy your books.