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MSW - Social Work

MSW - Master Degree in Social Work

Serve your community by helping people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives.

Earn a Master of Social Work degree with our Trauma-Competent Practice Curriculum while staying safe during COVID-19 with small, socially distanced class sizes.

Our Master of Social Work curriculum has been designed to prepare you for a rewarding and challenging career where you can be the Difference - with a Degree of Difference – in the lives of others. Based on clinical and trauma competencies, it will prepare you to deliver responsive, 21st century practice.

With diverse options for study – part-time/full-time and generalist/specialist – Newman’s program offers a personalized program that suits the needs of each student.

Get private education for a public school price with locations in Wichita & the only accredited Master of Social Work degree in Southern Colorado! Newman offers evening classes to suit working professionals and one-on-one attention with experienced faculty with a wide range of expertise.

Professional Licensure Disclosure 

For students considering an academic program, whether online or campus based as a pathway to professional credential in any field:

Newman University recommends that you contact the appropriate state credentialing board in the state in which you reside or wish to be employed, prior to beginning a course of study to determine whether the program you are considering will meet that state’s credentialing requirements.  We cannot confirm whether the Newman University program meets requirements for professional credentialing in states outside of Kansas or Colorado.

If you need assistance in contacting the appropriate state credentialing board or for questions regarding your program of study, please contact: MSW Program Director Roxxi Davis 719.520.1214 [email protected]

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Graduate Social Work

Quality education begins with quality teachers. Our faculty and staff have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for a rewarding career in social work. Teaching high academic and practice standards through proven methods, evidence-based knowledge, and hands-on experience, our faculty shape the study of social welfare and the practice of social work. They are committed to nurturing culturally competent and skilled, trauma-competent social work professionals.

Career Outlook

As a diverse helping profession with career opportunities in multiple sectors, social workers are involved in helping individuals or groups cope with overcoming problems in their everyday lives. Licensed social workers are commonly responsible for assessing clients’ needs, developing improvement plans, referring clients to community resources, responding to crisis situations, and advocating for human rights. According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following is an overview of the job outlook for each of the major specialty areas in social work.

Quick Facts: Social Workers

2016 Median Pay

$46,890 per year
$22.54 per hour

Number of Jobs, 2016


Job Outlook, 2016-26

16% (Much faster than average)

Employment Change, 2016-26


Program Outcomes

"I am so glad that I came because it was a worthwhile experience. It was so personal and hands-on, I would recommend it to anybody. I love it here at Newman. The staff is phenomenal, I made good friends, it's been a wonderful experience."

Candace Ford

"I think that Newman is very focused on clinical work, which I think is very important in the social work field right now. The professors are great at working with students to make sure that we are the best in the field when we are coming out of school, and also we have to take a licensing exam and they prepare you so well."

Alison Despard

"The graduate experience has been a stressful but very rewarding ride. The journey has been so emotional in all sensing. It's been taxing, it's been tiring, but it has also been paying off in the sense that we are showing that we formed really good relationships with our cohort, our professors have been amazing, they've poured so much energy and work into our curriculum, and I just feel like I am very well prepared for the future."

Rachel Greene

"I think that Newman stands out more than the other option, which here I think would be Wichita State, compared to them, I started out in Elementary Education before I decided on counseling, at Wichita State University. There, I seemed like I was just a number. There, I didn't really mean that much. The instructors didn't know me, I didn't really know them, but here at Newman, we are more like a family. All the instructors know all of the students and they genuinely care about each of us. They know us by name, they know our families, so with that respect I feel like I really love coming to Newman University. The thing that first drew me to Newman University was that it is a Catholic University, and I loved the fact that it had the Chapel there on campus, and as an undergrad I was much more involved there than in my masters, but I loved having that there."

Aurora Juarez