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Policies and Procedures - Student Accounts

Student Accounts Policies & ProceduresEmployer Reimbursement PolicyReturn of Military Tuition Assistance

Student Accounts Policies & Procedures

Student Billing Hold Definitions

CR –Credit Hold
Credit balances on your account will be held due to special circumstances. Please contact Student Accounts at 316-942-4291 xs2168 for further detail.

SB – Student Accounts - Records, Diploma Hold
There is a balance due on your account. Hold will remain on the account until the amount is paid in full. No transcript or diploma issued.

SC – Student Accounts – Registration Hold
There is a balance due on your account. Hold will remain on the account until the amount is paid in full. You are not able to enroll in future semesters until balance is paid.

SX – Student Accounts Collections Hold
There is a balance due on your account and the account has been sent to our collections agency OR your account was at one time placed with our collections agency. Hold will remain on the account until the amount is paid in full. No transcript or diploma issued until account is paid in full. You are not allowed to enroll at Newman University without approval of the Student Accounts Supervisor.


  • Each student will receive a bill posted to their NU Pay account within 24 hours of enrolling for the term. The first billing of each semester is due by the posted due dates on the Tuition and Fees page and is also stated on each statement posted in NU Pay. Students will receive a new statement posted to their NU Pay account any time any new activity on their account occurs. 
  • Students who enroll after initial due dates have 30 days to pay their balance or to enroll in a payment plan without being assessed a late fee and interest in the amount of 1.5%.
  • Student’s will receive notification via their Newman email account each time a new bill is generated and added to their NU Pay portal.
  • Accounts that are not paid by the due date or accounts that are not set up on a payment plan will result in a late fee (please see table below for late fee schedule). In addition, interest in the amount of 1.5% will be assessed each month.

*Late fee schedule approved beginning Spring 2023 

Unpaid Balance One-Time Charge
$1-$299 $25
$300-$999 $50
$1000-$2999 $100
> or = $3,000 $150

Other Student Accounts Policies & Procedures

  • Students having past due account balances or outstanding charges will have a hold placed on all records until all balances have been paid in full. Students on hold are not eligible to receive transcripts or diplomas.
  • Students enrolled must have account balances paid down to down to $0 in order to enroll in the next semester
  • If a student’s account is forwarded to the collections agency, Newman University reserves the right to pursue legal action against the student. In addition to the outstanding balance, the student agrees to reimburse Newman University the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage of all the debt. This includes any attorney’s fees that the University may incur in such collection efforts in accordance to Kansas statutes.
  • All prior debts, including collection fees, interest, or attorney’s fees, must be repaid to Newman University before any student will be eligible for re-enrollment. In addition, students will be placed on a prepay status upon re-enrollment to the University. (Students must prepay for all classes and/or must have financial aid awarded and accepted to cover the entire balance due)
  • There is not an appeals process for any outstanding balance with Newman University. 

Employer Reimbursement Policy

To qualify for Newman University employer reimbursement program either a letter or a tuition reimbursement policy from your employer or the employer web site must be presented at registration, mailed, emailed, or faxed to the student accounts office.

Mailing Address:

Newman University, Attn: Student Accounts
3100 McCormick Ave
Wichita, KS 67213

Email: [email protected]

Attn: Student Accounts

Important Notes

If the company does not pay 100% of the tuition, the percentage not paid by the employer must be paid at the time of enrollment.

For students on the 100% employer reimbursement program, please pay Newman after each class is completed then submit a paid receipt and follow your employer’s reimbursement policy requirements. Interest charges are deferred until the final course is completed.

Accounts not paid near the end of the semester will be put on hold until the balance is paid. 

You may not register for the next semester until the previous semester balance is paid.

Please call or email the Student Accounts office with questions or concerns. 

Return of Military Tuition Assistance

Military Tuition Assistance Definition:

Military Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit paid to eligible members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Congress has given each service the ability to pay up to 100% for the tuition expenses of its member. Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service application processes, and restrictions. This money is usually paid directly to the institution by the individual services. This policy only applies to this type of educational benefit. The TA program is a benefit that is available only while the student is in the service. This policy does not apply to Veterans or Veterans benefits.

TA Policy:

If you are using tuition assistance (TA) to pay for your education and drop or withdraw from a course prior to completing 60% of the course, the Department of Defense requires that Newman University return any unearned TA funds to the department based on how much of the course you completed and that you pay a portion of those returned funds. You may owe a portion of your tuition to Newman University and a portion to your military branch.

100% of the TA will have been earned by the institution should the student’s last date of attendance pass the 60% completion mark. Calculation of these dates includes weekends during the course period, but not scheduled breaks of five consecutive days or more (Fall Break, Spring Break, etc…). A student’s official withdrawal date is determined when a student request to be dropped from a course or no longer meets the attendance requirements to remain eligible to TA funding.

Before dropping or withdrawing from a course, please contact your military education counselor or education services officer to determine how it could impact your military tuition assistance and potential repayment obligations.

The schedule for returned unearned TA is as follows:

8-week Course Withdraw:

Before or during week 1 - 100% return

During week 2 - 75% return

During weeks 3-4 - 50% return

During week 5 - 40% return (60% of course is completed)

During weeks 6-8 - 0% return

16-week Course Withdraw:

Before or during weeks 1-2 - 100% return

During weeks 3-4 - 75% return

During weeks 5-8 - 50% return

During weeks 9-10 - 40% return (60% of course is completed)

During weeks 11-16 - 0% return

For courses that have durations differing from those listed above, the following formula will be used:
The Percentage of TA Earned equals the Days Completed Before Drop, Withdrawal, or Last Participation divided by the Total Number of Days in the Course.

Please note: If you officially or unofficially withdraw from a course and did not complete at least 60 percent of the course, you may not be eligible for the total amount initially awarded through Tuition Assistance. In cases where some or all of the Tuition Assistance must be returned to the military, you will be responsible for all balances on your Newman University student account.

Veteran students needing guidance regarding benefits and enrollment information, please refer to our VA Educational Benefits page.