The Newman Fund

Make a Gift to the Newman Fund

The Importance of the Newman Fund

Your gift to the Newman Fund helps to create and preserve the “Newman experience” in many ways, including:

Funding Student Scholarships

Each year, Newman University provides institutional scholarships based on merit and need. 99% of Newman full-time undergraduate students directly benefit from this support. In one academic year alone, students receive an average of $14,664 in institutional financial support. That’s more than $13.8 MILLION to make a quality Newman education affordable.

Supporting Student Programs and Services

Annual giving to the Newman Fund creates the opportunity for Newman students to choose from more than 75 undergraduate and graduate programs and a variety of services provided by the university.

Every Gift Counts!

No matter the size of your gift, ALL support from alumni and friends has a significant impact on the educational experience for Newman students. Each year, EVERY GIFT, regardless of amount, makes a difference.

Here's one very important reason why:

When joined with others, your gift will improve our alumni participation rate. This participation rate is very important to foundations and other outside donors who want to know if those who know us best give to support our success. Your gift, regardless of size, will provide a tangible sign to others that Newman is worthy of their support.