You may be asked to submit one or more of the financial aid documents listed below.  These documents may be required by the Newman University Financial Aid Office or may be required by the Federal Government, if you were selected for a process called "verification."  Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you are unsure whether or not you must complete any documents. 

When you click on a document name it will open a PDF file that you will be able to print off and complete. Once you have completed the document return it to the Financial Aid Office.

Appeal Documents and Institutional Scholarship Extension Documents Due Dates:
August 1st for Fall Term / January 5th for Spring Term / May 22nd for Summer Term 
After these dates, appeals and extensions will not be accepted for processing for that term.

2024-25 DOCUMENTS 


Verification Forms

(Verification forms should only be completed if requested by the NU Financial Aid Office)

  • Confirm of Marital/Tax Filing Status-Dep Student
  • Confirm of Marital/Tax Filing Status-Ind Student
  • Default Documentation
  • Full Admission to Newman University
  • Household Size - Dependent Student
  • Household Size - Independent Student
  • Identity/Educational Purpose
  • Independent Status Confirmation
  • IRS Record of Account Transcript Instructions
  • IRS Tax Return Transcript Instructions
  • IRS Verification of Nonfiling Letter
  • IRS Wage/Income Transcript Instructions 
  • IRS 4506-T Tax Return Transcript Instructions
  • Parent Income Verification
  • Parent Information Confirmation
  • Student Income Verification 

Other Forms

  • Dream Grant Application
  • Family Discount Application
  • FERPA Consent Form
  • Institutional Scholarship Extension Form
  • Max Time Frame Appeal
  • SAP Appeal

Professional Judgment Forms

  • Cost Of Attendance Increase
  • Dependency Override Request
  • Loan Reallocation
  • Marital Status Change
  • Professional Judgement Request
As of 01/09/2019, The Department of Education is allowing us to accept the following documentation for verification purposes:
- Copies of tax returns, if you are not able to get an IRS Tax Transcript.  (You may be required to provide documentation.)
- Written statements of non-filing, if you have attempted and are not able to get an IRS Verification of Non-Filing Letter.  (You may be required to provide documentation.)