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Library Guests

Dugan Library Newman University Guest Users Policy


If you wish to use the Newman University Library, you must have a Dugan Library guest card.

You have to present this card to check out materials or to use the computers.

To register for a card, you must show a valid photo ID and proof of current address (bank statement, utility bill, etc.).

Your card is good for two (2) years.

Please inform the library if your information has changed.


As a guest, you may have up to 3 items checked out at any one time. The loan period is 1 month. Items overdue more than 15 days will be assumed lost and borrowers will receive a bill for the replacement cost of a lost item. Additional materials may not be borrowed until all overdue items are returned and all fees are paid.

All materials checked to you are subject to recall when needed by an NU student or faculty member.


You MUST show an NU library guest card to use the computers.

You may use the library computers for searching the Library’s online catalog and subscription databases.  Someone will help you find these.

The library computers are not intended for personal internet use (go to the public library).   

You must use the computers in accordance with Newman University policies.  Any violation may lead to loss of privilege.

If you have a laptop or other portable device, you may use the library’s wireless network. You still must show an NU library guest card for wireless network authentication.


The library guest card does not give you access to any of the campus buildings or computer labs.
Newman University Library reserves the right to limit or deny the use of materials or facilities to guest users who abuse their privileges.