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B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Do you

…Have past earned college credit and now want to finish your bachelor’s degree?

 Are you

…searching for a bachelor’s degree that allows you to build a tailored program of study with courses you select, with guidance from a personal academic advisor?

 Have you

…found yourself part-way through a degree program that isn’t the right fit for you and concerned switching your degree would delay graduation?


 Then the Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. may be the program for you!


Personalized Degree-Completion Made Easy


Take Online and On-ground Classes: 

Choose from a variety of online and on-ground classes to build your emphasis areas with guidance from your personal academic advisor.

Use Your Previous Credit Hours: 

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program utilizes past credit you earned from any accredited college or university. We make transferring to Newman easy!

Customize Your Major:  

With guidance from your advisor, you will develop two areas of subject emphasis for your major. Your previous credit is applied and emphasis areas can be multi-disciplinary in nature to provide you the widest range of academic program customization and coursework application.

Accelerate Your Degree Completion:

This degree can be completed in an accelerated format using our online 8-week course format utilized throughout our curriculum.  

Start Year-Round at Your Convenience: 

Our 8-week classes run continuously throughout the year, which makes starting this degree program simple!

Study at Your Own Pace: 

Our flexible class schedules work with your personal scheduling allowing you to take as many or as few classes that you want*.  You will not be placed in a cohort with other students with a rigid timeline.  Instead, we understand that you may be trying to balance work and family along with your studies.  You need flexibility.  You need to have the freedom to set your own pace.

Mix it Up:

Take classes the way you want.  On-ground.  Online.  Or design a program of study that blends both online and on-ground classes.   It’s your choice!  Your personal advisor will help you design a program and class schedule that best meets your personal needs. 

Are You a Traditional Student or Looking to Switch Majors?

We’ve got you covered!  This program is ideal for the traditional college student who is looking to develop a customized degree program of special interest. 

Already working on a major degree, but you’ve found it is not the perfect fit?  Design your own degree by taking only the major courses you want. 

Planning on graduate school?  Work with your advisor to find the graduate program you are interested in and customize your emphasis areas around any prerequisites required.


Scholarships and Affordable Tuition

We have many scholarships available for first time, transfer, and even for the non-traditional adult student!  Additionally, we have an extensive list of external scholarships as well.


Degree Plan

Visit the  University Catalog page for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements.


This program consists of 33 total credit hours including:

  • Two 15 credit hour approved areas of emphasis.
  • Within each area, 6 credit hours must be upper division (courses number 3000 and above).
  • Courses used to satisfy general education requirements may not be counted to fulfill the requirements in the two areas of emphasis.
  • HUM 3103 Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar


*Some Federal and financial aid plans require a minimum number of hours.