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Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies degree (M.T.S.) is intended to deepen the theological understanding of diocesan catechists and teachers of religion. It prepares students to explore and explain the Catholic theological tradition and provides a solid grounding in that tradition. The program is intended for those working in catechetical ministry in a Roman Catholic context and anticipates questions that frequently arise in the classroom and during the RCIA process.

Prominent Careers

The MTS program prepares students to teach in Catholic high schools, apply to hospital chaplaincy programs, or work in parishes or diocesan offices. It also prepares lay people to teach classes in Parish Schools of Religion (PSR), teach or direct the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and participate in other parochial ministries.

The Department of theology offers two degrees in its graduate program of theology. The Master in Theological Studies (MTS) provides a solid grounding in the Catholic theological tradition and is intended for those working in parish ministry in a Roman Catholic context. The Master of Arts (MA) in Theology has more rigorous requirements and is intended to prepare students to teach theology in a classroom setting as well as preparing those interested in pursuing doctoral work in theology. The MA degree requires some different course work than the MTS degree; it also requires the completion of a thesis and a comprehensive examination, as well as foreign language requirements, none of which are required for the MTS.

The programs have been endorsed by the Catholic Dioceses of Wichita, Dodge City, and Salina.


The program includes 10 courses (30 credit hours).  Courses are eight weeks in length and students take two courses each semester, except during the summer, when only one course is offered. Course instruction is provided through online video modules that are designed to be interactive and visually engaging. Students must also complete reading assignments, participate in discussion boards and submit short essays. This online format makes the degree programs available to anyone with regular internet access. It also affords students with busy schedules the flexibility to do coursework at a convenient time and to continue working while they complete the degree. For students in the Wichita area, and for those able to travel to campus, an on-campus weekend session is offered toward the beginning of each course. While all students in the cohort are invited to participate, we recognize that some students are unable to make it to the Newman campus. Students who are not able to attend the Intensive Weekend sessions engage with same material via online versions of the lectures, discussions, and other activities. 

View course descriptions in the university catalog (Starting on page 182)

Required Core Courses for the MTS (27 hours):

  • THEO 6003 The God Who Pursues
  • THEO 6103 Athanasius, Augustine, and Aquinas
  • THEO 6213 Old Testament Theology
  • THEO 6253 The Four-Fold Gospel
  • THEO 6543 John Henry Newman for Catechists
  • THEO 6313 Controversies in Church History
  • THEO 6343 Foundations of Moral Theology
  • THEO 6413 Current Issues in Moral Theology
  • THEO 6353 Liturgy and the RCIA

Electives for the MTS (3 hours).

Students need to complete any ONE of the following:

  • THEO 6713 Christian Rome OR
    • THEO 6233 The Church in the New Testament OR
    • THEO 6883 Selected Topics in Theology