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First Year Experience

FYE Leaders

Our Mission

To holistically address the developmental needs of new students and families in transition within the Jet community. FYE and its related programs are designed and implemented to offer a comprehensive student and parent experience that introduce education, social and personal resources to facilitate the success of new students. FYE focuses on innovative collaborations with various departments and aims to develop skilled and confident FYE Leaders in order to meet the changing needs of our diverse community.

What is Orientation at Newman University?

Orientation is part of a three part program to help students transition to college.

Part 1: Registration Days

During these one-day sessions new students will have the opportunity to complete the registration process. These days will include any necessary placement exams, class registration, finalization of financial aid and student accounts as well as ID cards and email accounts. During this time sessions will also be available that are designed to address questions & concerns from parents.

Part 2: Jet Days Orientation

Jet Days Orientation is designed to provide opportunities for students that are entering Newman University to be involved in programming and social opportunities to help students during the early transition/integration issues that occur as they enter college for the first time or begin study at a new university. Jet Days Orientation also provides opportunities for the “Newman Experience” to begin to take shape by introducing the rich history, foundations and traditions of the campus to its newest members.

Part 3: T & T Course

This course is designed for traditional freshmen during their first year at Newman University. The objective of the course is to assist students in the adjustment to university life. It provides ways for students to learn the traditions and history of Newman University and beings the process of scholarly inquiry and discussion. Students will gather critical information about majors and careers through a variety of resources. The class offers opportunities to grow the spirit of service by engaging in service projects and assist students in recognizing and obtaining personal and academic goals.

Jet Days Orientation Goals

  • Provide opportunities to meet other incoming students
  • Allow new students to begin to connect to Newman University
  • Provide students with the tools and resources needed to become a successful NU student
  • Explain Institutional policies and procedures
  • Connect new students with potential mentors on the NU campus (Faculty/staff/administration, upper-class students)

Questions? Contact Christine Schneikart-Luebbe