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Mission and Code


We are a Catholic university named for St. John Henry Newman and founded by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ for the purpose of empowering graduates to transform society.

St. John Henry Newman

Idea of a University

“A University is, according to the usual designation, an Alma Mater, knowing her children one by one, not a foundry, or a mint, or a treadmill.”

The Newman Code

As a member of the Newman community, I pledge to live in the spirit of critical consciousness by respecting the dignity of every person, honoring both personal and institutional integrity, and striving to embrace all humanity.

To Live In the Spirit of Critical Consciousness

Newman University is an environment rooted in Judeo‐Christian principles and founded on the Catholic tradition of its sponsor, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. It challenges all members of the learning community to pursue an ever‐expanding awareness of themselves and the world. We strive to create a more just world through the power of reason and an understanding of the Gospel call to personal responsibility for developing and empowering others. The mission of Newman University challenges each member of the community to accept the responsibility of forming a critical consciousness. We understand critical consciousness to be not only an ability to perceive injustice, but also a willingness to take action against it. The Newman Code expresses our commitment to engaging the whole person in the effort to transform society.

To Respect Dignity

We understand that diverse perspectives are integral to a learning environment. We value the insights of every member of the Newman community. When differences of opinion and belief arise, we put aside personal prejudices and listen carefully with open minds. We respond calmly, thoughtfully, and with consideration for opposing views.

At all times we treat others with the same respect to which we are entitled. We uphold, and when necessary defend, the inherent dignity and the fundamental rights of all individuals. Mindful of everyone’s need for conditions that support their work and development, we respect both public and private property and work to promote a safe and cooperative learning environment.

To Honor Integrity

Confronting life truthfully, we hold our word as our bond. If we say we will do something, we do it. We believe that remaining true to our word, even in the face of temptation or persecution, has a value beyond measure. By pledging to honor our personal integrity, we commit ourselves to being honest and forthright at all times— in the classroom, on the playing field, and in our private and professional lives. In particular, as members of a community of higher learning, we hold academic integrity in special regard.

Recognizing that the value of a Newman degree depends on the academic integrity of the institution, we neither provide nor accept any unauthorized aid on academic work. The integrity of an institution reflects that of its individual members. We understand that compromising our personal integrity fractures and weakens the community as a whole. It damages the bond of trust on which the educational enterprise is founded. By pledging to honor institutional integrity, we affirm our personal responsibility to every other member of the Newman community. In all personal and academic matters, we abide by the relevant policies and codes of Newman University.

To Embrace All Humanity

Embracing humanity means creating a welcoming climate of kindness, warmth, and love. It begins with those nearest us, but it does not end there. Promoting right relationships among all individuals, we seek to foster a culture of inclusion wherein every person feels valued and encouraged to perform to his or her full and unique potential.

Although diverse as individuals, we are united as members of one human family. Conscious of this, we strive to live in the spirit of the Good Samaritan by selflessly considering the disadvantaged and offering service to those in need, supporting and assisting one another in our respective life journeys.