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Bachelor of Arts in Theology


This degree focuses on preparing students to work at the intersection of faith and reason:

  • Teach religion in the Catholic school system
  • Work in a parish or diocesan ministry
  • Pursue a Master of Arts in Theology
  • Explore opportunities within the worlds of business, law, journalism, or community service.

While earning your Bachelor of Arts in Theology, you can expect to take courses including Catholic Imagination, Exploring the Bible, A Faith to Die For, and Story of the Church. A complete curriculum can be found here.


Interested in supporting your major with a Minor in Theology? The required curriculum for a theology minor can be found here.


Visit the University Catalog page for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements

THEOLOGY major (B.A.)

39-41 total credit hours including:

  • THEO 1033 – Exploring the Bible
  • THEO 1043 – Catholic Doctrine and Sacraments
  • THEO 2043 – Catholic Imagination
  • THEO 3013 – Story of the Church
  • THEO 3073 – Virtues & Vices
  • THEO 4063 – A Faith to Die For
  • THEO 4701 – Portfolio Review
  • THEO 4703 – Senior Thesis

Electives – 11 credit hours from Theology or:

  • ANTH 2003 – Comparative World Religions
  • NSP 4703 Quest for Meaning (beyond 1st NSP 4703)
  • PHIL 3043 Phil of Religion

Foreign Language – 6-8 credit hours from any one foreign language, college level

The requirements above are specific requirements for this major. You must also fulfill general education degree requirements. Please refer to the Newman University Catalogs for details. After admission to Newman University, your Newman advisor can help explain program and university requirements.