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Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

This degree focuses on preparing students to take various leadership roles in ministry.

  • Work locally and abroad in faith-based organizations
  • Inculcate discipleship in others accurately and effectively

While earning your Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry, you can expect to take courses including Theology of the Church, Sacramental Theology, and The Creeds and Faith.


Visit the University Catalog page for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements



30/40 total credit hours including:

  • THEO 1003 Introduction to Old Testament
  • THEO 1013 Introduction to New Testament
  • THEO 2023 Theology of the Church
  • THEO 3003 Christian Morality and Social Issues
  • THEO 3053 Sacramental Theology
  • THEO 4003 Christology
  • THEO 4023 Theology and Methods of Ministry
  • THEO 4053 The Creeds and Faith
  • THEO electives—6 credit hours

(These can be met by getting an optional Concentration in Spiritual Direction).

The requirements above are specific requirements for this major. You must also fulfill general education requirements and general bachelor’s (or associate or associate of science in health science) degree requirements. Please refer to the Newman University Catalog for details. After admission to Newman University, your Newman advisor can help explain program and university requirements.



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