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Choral Music Minor

This minor focuses on teaching you various musical tools and techniques.

  • Perform in front of live audiences
  • Sharpen instrumental skills
  • Become a music teacher

While earning your Minor in Choral Music, you can expect to take courses including Music Theory 1, Chorale/Troubadours, American Music, and Heritage of Western Music. 


Visit the University Catalog page for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements


18 total credit hours including: 

  • MUS—Piano (1–2 credit hours)
  • MUS—Voice (1–2 credit hours)
  • MUS—Chorale/Troubadours (8 credit hours)
  • MUS 1043 Music Theory 1
  • MUS 2093 The Heritage of Western Music

An entrance exam will be given in Music Theory. Students testing out of one or two semesters of Music Theory will be required additional coursework from the following list of courses (total of 3 or 6 credit hours):

  • MUS—Men’s Ensemble
  • MUS—Women’s Ensemble
  • MUS—Piano
  • MUS—Voice
  • MUS—Chorale
  • MUS—Troubadours
  • MUS 1053 Music Theory 2
  • MUS 3083 American Music