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Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Science

The Healthcare Science program is intended for students who have an associate degree in an allied health field. 

  • Teach in Allied Health programs
  • Manage in Allied Health areas
  • Foundation for graduate degrees

While earning your Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Science, you can expect to take courses including Current Issues in the Healthcare Environment, Methods of Research, Pathophysiology, and Practicum in Healthcare Science.


Visit the University Catalog page for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements

General Education Requirements

The Newman Studies Program offers multiple options within the categories below. Please see a Newman Advisor for questions regarding these options to insure the requirements are met. Students who major in Healthcare Science may meet the degree requirements by completing the following:
Skills Courses (15 hours)
  • College Writing 1 and 2
  • College Algebra (or Math For the Liberal Arts)
  • Oral Communication
  • Information Literacy
General Education Requirements (24 - 26 hours)
  • Human Story Category (1 course from 3 disciplines)
    • 9 hours (History, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology)
  • Creative Spirit Category (1 course from 2 disciplines)
    • 6 hours (Art, Literature, Music or Theatre)
  • Quest for Meaning
    • Theology – New or Old Testament OR Intro to Scripture (3 hours)
    • Philosophy – Intro to Philosophy OR Ethics (3 hours)
  • Universe We Live In (3 - 5 hours)
    • Lab Science – Biology OR Chemistry (see advisor for other options)
Newman Studies Program Core Courses (Upper Division) (12 hours)
  • Universe We Live In – 3 hrs
  • Human Story – 3 hrs
  • Creative Spirit – 3 hrs
  • Quest For Meaning - 3 hrs


Healthcare Science Major - 30 total credit hours including:
  • HLSC 3103 Current Issues in the Healthcare Environment (3hours)
  • HLSC 4705 Practicum in Healthcare Science (5 hours)
  • SOC/PSY/CRJ 4053 Methods of Research (3 hours)
  • PSY/SOC/CRJ 3063 Applied Statistics (3 hours)
  • BIOL 3054 Pathophysiology
  • HLSC 288 - Selected Topics in Health Science
  • HLSC 488 – Selected Topics in Health Science
  • HLSC 499 – Independent Study in Health Science
Health Care Concentration (14 -15 hours)

Degree Requirements

Students must have 124 credit hours to graduate. Forty of these hours must be taken at the upper division level (courses 3000 and above). Twenty- four of the last 30 hours of the degree must be taken at Newman University . For more degree information please see the Newman University catalog.