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Newman Groups

Newman Accounting Students Association (NASA)

The Newman Accounting Students Association promote professional and social interaction and builds relationships between students, faculty, alumni, and business professionals of the accounting profession. They provide opportunities for students to learn more about the accounting profession and assist the job recruiting process. Contact Jonathan Segovia at

African Students Association

The African Students Association foster cultural, political, and social awareness about the African continent, and foster fellowship between Newman University African Student Association and members of Newman University. Contact Oluchi Mbawuike at

Ambassadors for Christ

The Ambassadors for Christ is a Christian-based club created in order to provide an opportunity for Christian community and fellowship for both on-campus and commuter students, collaborate with other organizations on campus, incorporate the Newman facilities in planned events, and to raise awareness of the Christian faiths. Contact Maureen Hogan at

Alpha Chi Alpha

The Newman University Art Club aim to help students discover and cultivate their creativity and individually through interactive events, educational experiences and art exhibitions. Contact Kati Bush at

Board Games Club

The Board Games Club strive to foster fellowship in a fun, social atmosphere that encompasses all students of Newman University. Contact Brandon Gollhofer at

Campus Counseling Club

Contact Lindsey Fontelroy at

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club support the creative ideas of chemistry students. It promotes, encourages, and maintains a cohesive relationship with the students and non-student organization, serves as a forum for discussion of chemistry-related issues, promotes students to be financially independent and maintain a stable financial base, and lastly,to ensure they are carried out in a proper fashion. Contact Katie Denning at

Newman University College Republicans (NUCR)

Newman University College Republicans serve the Newman community with an understanding of American responsibility. With a reliance on Constitutional, civic, and moral knowledge, the NUCR hopes to educate the members of the Community in political thought so that current events may be relevant to the average student. By promoting Republican values and candidates at all levels of government, they aim to compliment the Mission and Core Values of Newman University with the values of the Newman Republicans. The development of political skills and leadership abilities among students prepares these future Republicans to serve the party and country. All are welcome to participate as this organization promotes dynamic conversation for a richer and fuller understanding of American politics. Contact Wesley Williams at

Communications Club

The Communication Club provide students with an organization that is focused on Communication as a professional organization and meets with community leaders for networking purposes. Contact Suzanne Berg at

Dellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes embody the ability to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. Contact Sarah Peterson at and Lane Ramsey at

Free King Awesome Sketch Comedy

Contact John Denny at

Future Legal Professionals of Newman

The Future Legal Professionals of Newman educate others about the possibility of a career in law. They include activities, speakers and field trips to help inspire and educate other Newman University students on pursuing a career in law. Contact Sarah Balderas at

HALO (Hispanic American Leadership Organization)

HALO is dedicated to sharing our culture and strengthening young leaders through community involvement. By volunteering, educating ourselves and others, and by networking with other students and Hispanic leaders from across the US, members build leadership skills and engage in our local, national, and global community. Contact Sarah Balderas at

Aplha Kappa Theta

The Newman University History Club promote the study of the past, across all academic disciplines, as a means to understanding the present and the future. Contact Angela McDaneld at

Jets for Life

The Jets for Life raise awareness both on and off campus of the sacredness and dignity of all forms of human life from conception to natural death, foster a respect for human life in all its forms, and to take action to ensure human life is respected. Contact Kylie Werth at

Justice League

The Justice League provide students at Newman a stronger sense of community and provide an opportunity to learn about careers in the criminal justice field. Contact Stephen Solway at

Math Club

The Math Club provide an organized group outside of a classroom setting for individuals to meet and follow students interested in studying mathematics, and to encourage and promote mathematical endeavors and confidence in a positive social environment. Contact Amanda Johnson at

Medical Professions Club (NUMPC)

The Newman University Medical Professions Club was formed in 2012 as an amalgamation of the Pre-Med and Health Professions Clubs at Newman University. It is open to any pre-medical profession student at Newman, and currently boasts a membership in excess of 200 students. The administrative structure of NUMPC consists of a president, a vice president, and a secretary treasurer; according to its constitution, the president and vice president must either be a junior or senior, and the vice president-elect of the club. There is a faculty advisor for NUMPC. It holds regular in addition to as-needed meetings for club business and to hear presentations by local medical professionals, professional school admissions personnel, and current professional school students. Representatives for each of the various pre-medical professions (e.g. pre-med, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy) in NUMPC act as mentors and guides for younger students who follow in the same career path, and serve as excellent resources particularly in matters pertaining to admissions exams and procedures. Contact Michael Oakes at

Multicultural Leadership Organization

The Multicultural Leadership Organization promote diversity, cultural awareness, unity and leadership. Contact Kalani Voner at

Musical Arts Club

The Musical Arts Club serve as an entertainer and a spiritual nourishment. The club embraces students' dedication and passion of music and use it to transform society, emphasizing the significance of motivation and inspiration. Contact Tu Vo at

Nursing Student Club (NUNS)

The Nursing Student Club exist to provide students interested in pursuing a nursing major at Newman University an opportunity for academic, professional, spiritual and social enrichment. Contact Hanna Hein at

Newman Occupational Therapy Student Association (NOTSA)

The goal of NOTSA is to engage current and future students of Occupational Therapy, as well as the general public in an active learning community that is informed and empowered to promote the health and well being of a diverse, global population. Contact Sarah Jackson

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club promote interest in and knowledge of psychology. Contact Ethan Young at

Newman University Running and Fitness (NURF)

The mission of NURF is to build a stronger Newman community by establishing relationships among students, faculty, and staff of all fitness levels while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Contact Luke Osterhaus at

Student Association for Social Work (SASW)

The purpose of SASW is to provide a mechanism for students to take part in the governance of the school of social work. In addition, SASW coordinate academic life with eventual professional practice, stimulate interest in social work as a viable career, provide service to Wichita community agencies, and enhance student experience by providing a network of support. Contact Brenna Audley at

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

SAAC ensure and enhance the student-athlete experience through promoting opportunities within the University, athletic department, and outside community while providing a facet to serve and protect the interests and image of the student-athlete. Contact Bailey

Newman University Super Fans

The Newman University Super Fans is dedicated to creating an exhilarating game environment through student involvement. Contact Kaylyn Slama at

Swing Dancing Club

The purpose of the Swing Dancing Club is to provide the Newman community with exposure to the art of swing dancing and with regular opportunities to learn and enjoy swing dancing in a relaxed social setting. Contact David Baalmann at

Newman University Theatre Troupe (NUTT)

NUTT exist to help strengthen the theatre community of Newman University. They help create a stronger community on and off campus, as well as attempting to provide more learning and performance opportunities for theatre majors, minors, theatre enthusiasts and fans beyond what the department can offer. The club will also be an outlet for those interested in theatre to be involved without the pressure, stress, or time commitment of the shows or classes, allowing the community to encompass a larger variety of students (and possibly faculty) who all have a commonality of wanting to participate in the art form of theatre. Contact Justin Ralph at

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The Ultimate Frisbee Club promote ultimate Frisbee play. Contact Kayleigh Renfro at