Honors Courses

Here are the Honors courses for the upcoming Semesters. Courses are set, but times are tentative. 

Fall, 2023:

HNRS 1103 Freshman Honors Seminar

PHIL 3033 Ethics

Nav 3001 Destination Check (formerly Vector Check)

NSP 4103 Human Story (Mindful Leadership)

HNRS 4203 Senior Honors Thesis

HNRS 4881 Honors Capstone Prep (Simon and/or McFall)

Spring, 2024:

ART 1013 Art Appreciation

CHEM 1022 H  Gen Chem 2 Lab

HNRS 4883 Grit and the College Student (tentative)

NSP 4503 Universe We Live In or Quest for Meaning

HNRS 4203 Senior Honors Thesis

HNRS 4883 Honors Capstone

NAV 2001 Lift-Off (formerly Flight Planning)