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Honors Courses

Here are the Honors courses for the upcoming Semesters. Courses are set, but times are tentative. 


Spring, 2023:

THEO 1013 Intro to New Testament

HNRS 4203 Senior Honors Thesis

NSP 4703 The Quest for Meaning (NSP capstone level requirement, probably Papsdorf)

CHEM 1022 H Gen Chem 2 Lab

NAV 1001 D Flight Planning

Fall, 2023:

HNRS 1103 Freshman Honors Seminar

Gen-ed level Philosophy class (probably Phil 3033 Ethics)

Nav 1001 Vector Check

NSP 4103 Human Story (Mindful Leadership)

HNRS 4203 Senior Honors Thesis

HNRS 4881 Honors Capstone Prep (Simon and/or McFall)

Spring, 2024:

ART 1013 Art Appreciation

CHEM 1022 H  Gen Chem 2 Lab

HNRS 4883 Grit and the College Student (tentative)

NSP 4503 Universe We Live In

HNRS 4203 Senior Honors Thesis

HNRS 4883 Honors Capstone

NAV 1001 Flight Planning