DNAP Outcomes

Program Goals

  1. Academic:  Obtain an advanced body of specialized knowledge necessary to integrate didactic information and clinical data and formulate a comprehensive individualized care plan.
  2. Clinical:  Demonstrate ability to plan and administer a safe and physiologic anesthetic based on knowledge and synthesis of anesthetic principles and basic science study.
  3. Research:  Demonstrate an appreciation for the role, nature, and conduct of research modalities and their application to practice and professional growth.
  4. Professionalism:  Integrate ethical, legal, and cultural considerations with personal and professional value systems in nurse anesthesia.

Newman University's Nurse Anesthesia Program measures first time pass rate, six month employment rate and attrition as a means to evaluate program success. Over the last five years the program has demonstrated excellence in attrition as well as performing at or above the national average in 6-month employment:

Class ofGraduates1st Time Pass Rate6 Month Employment RateAttrition Rate
2023 20 90%  100% 0%
2022 20 80%  95% 0%
2021 20 75% 95% 0%
2020 19 84.2% 100% 9.5%
2019 21 90% 100% 0%
2018 23 75% 95% 0%