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Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

Graduate students are eligible to receive Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans. The annual loan limit for graduate and professional students is $20,500. The aggregate loan limit for graduate and professional students is $138,500. 


Employer Reimbursement Policy

For students receiving employer tuition reimbursement, Newman University offers an Employer Reimbursement Policy which allows deferral of tuition and fees until after semester grades are posted. 


Interest Free Tuition Payment Plan

Newman University is pleased to offer the NBS e-Cashier Automatic Payment Program to enable you to more easily afford your educational expenses. Tuition payment plans break down your tuition balance into affordable monthly payments.  Information can be found at

Tax Deductibility of Tuition Payments

Students paying for all or part of their MBA tuition may be entitled to tax deductions.  Because deductibility is dependent on your personal tax status, you should consult with your tax specialist or accountant can determine any tax savings for qualifying tuition payments.   The university will provide you with a 1098T for any tuition billed during a calendar year.