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2020-21 Schedule Changes & Updates

  • Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) - No Break - Classes will be held
  • Friday, October 16 - No Fall Break - Classes will be held
  • November 23 - ALL in-person classes move to hybrid online delivery remainder of fall semester (students will NOT return to campus after thanksgiving break). NOTE: Residence halls and the Mabee Dining Center will remain open until the conclusion of the semester.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19 - Spring 2021 Semester starts (formerly published date was Jan. 11)
  • March 15-21 - NO Spring Break (classes will meet)
  • April 2 - Easter Break (Good Friday ONLY - classes will be held Easter Monday, April 5)
  • April 30 - Scholars Day
  • May 3-6 - Final exams
  • May 7 - Spring 2021 Commencement

COVID Screening Tool

Covid Stats

Campus Announcements

A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (10-27-20)

Newman Community Members,

Because our challenging weather yesterday caused the postponement of classes, I wanted to reach out to you this morning to provide our regular COVID update.

This past week we received notice of three positive COVID tests, which brings our total for the semester to 34. As in the past, all who tested positive are in isolation. We also continue to be blessed in the fact that none of our community members have required hospitalization for the virus. Please keep in your prayers the family of a student from another catholic Kansas college, University of St Mary’s, who passed away last week from COVID. May she rest in peace.

We appreciate all your efforts to help create a healthy campus learning environment. Your discipline in consistently wearing face coverings, practicing physical distancing and regularly washing your hands makes a difference. It becomes even more important as winter settles in and we all spend more time indoors.

I hope you enjoyed a safe and restful snow day. I look forward to seeing you on campus later this week - dressed warmly!

God Bless,

President Jagger

A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (10-12-20)

Newman Community Members,

To begin this update, I wanted to remind students that today (October 12th) your Student Government Association (SGA) is teaming up with the Newman Nursing Department to offer FREE flu shots. The shots are available in the Eck Hall Nursing Lab beginning at 7:30am. This is a great way to ensure you don’t come down with a bad case of flu in the middle of the COVID pandemic and this make yourself more susceptible to getting COVID. Flu often hits college campuses near the end of the term when students are already stressed!

I hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Regarding our weekly COVID report, for a second straight week, we have been notified of five people with positive COVID tests. All those who tested positive are in isolation. Thankfully we still have NOT had any community members require hospitalization this semester.

Just a reminder - for your safety and that of the entire Newman community please wear face coverings at all times while you are on campus, practice physical distancing and regular hand washing.

Have a great week and may Saints Maria De Mattias and John Henry Newman, continue to pray for us.

Be well,

President Jagger

A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (10-5-20)

Hello Newman Community,

With news last week that the president and several other national government officials tested positive for COVID-19, the pandemic is no doubt top of mind for many of us. There is certainly good reason for you to remain dedicated to the health precautions that we have been communicating throughout the semester.

As far as the university is concerned this past week, our statistics included five reported positive test results along with three negatives. While last week featured our highest weekly number of positive test reports to date, numbers are staying steady and we are thankful that we still have not had any community members require hospitalization. For you and your fellow Newman students, faculty and staff, I encourage you to wear face coverings at all times while you are on campus, practice physical distancing and regular hand washing.

As you know, we make daily updates to our reported COVID test numbers and provide helpful information and updates on our Return to Campus webpage. You may want to bookmark the page.

Have a great week and may Saints Maria De Mattias and John Henry Newman, continue to pray for us.

Be well,

President Jagger

A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (9-22-20)

Hello Newman Community,

I am excited to provide this week’s update regarding campus COVID test results. Since my last communication, sent Sept. 15, we have not been notified of any new positive tests by members of the Newman community and have had four negative test results reported. This is with the backdrop of cases increasing both locally and nationally over the same period.

Additionally, more than half of our community members who tested positive have now completed their isolation protocols.

While this is certainly very promising news it is going to be important for all of us to continue to follow our social contract precautions. Once again, I thank you for staying diligent thus far about face covering, physical distancing and hand washing and I encourage you to continue your efforts to help keep the Newman campus and community a safe place to work and learn.

For those who would like more frequent campus updates, I remind you to visit this webpage for the most current data, as COVID testing information is daily updated on this dashboard.

Be safe and be well,

President Jagger

A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (9-7-20)

Good afternoon,

It is the beginning of week three of the 2020 fall semester. Although, today we are experiencing yet another way this academic year is unique with classes held on Labor Day, I want you to know we are off to a good start!

Thanks to the efforts of all in our NU community – students, faculty and staff – our COVID positives are holding at a relatively low level. Through the first two weeks of in-person classes, we have had just eight students let us know they have tested positive and zero faculty or staff members. None of the students required hospitalization and none have been involved in face-to-face classes since August 24, the first day of the semester. Since then, those individuals have been in quarantine and/or isolation.

We are learning daily but the lessons we have confirmed through the opening weeks of the semester are that the precautions outlined in our social contract are working to keep the general Newman community healthy and safe. I encourage you to continue to wear your face coverings at all times while on campus, wash your hands regularly and maintain physical distancing whenever possible.

Together We Soar!

Be well,

President Jagger

A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (9-4-20)

After input and recommendations from members of its faculty and staff, Newman University has finalized changes to the Spring 2021 schedule.

Modifications include pushing back the start of the Spring semester to Tuesday, Jan. 19, from the formerly published date of Jan. 11.

The other major adjustment is the cancellation of the 2021 Spring Break. School will be in session during the originally scheduled break (March 15-21). In addition, Easter break will be limited to Good Friday only (April 2). Classes will meet on Easter Monday, April 5.

The changes to the spring and Easter breaks are designed to help protect the health and safety of community members and support university COVID pandemic mitigation efforts.

Other dates of note include Scholars Day on April 30 and final exams May 3-6. The 2021 Spring Commencement ceremony is Friday, May 7 at Hartman Arena.

The above updates modify all previously published dates, which may appear elsewhere, including the Newman 2020-21 undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

Blessings to you and your family.


A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (9-3-20)

It has been an incredible start to the new academic year! You, our faculty and staff, have been impressive in delivering a “Newman worthy” experience for our students during these challenging circumstances of the pandemic.

I write today to follow up on a communication sent to the community last month regarding moving back to campus. With local school districts returning to classes next week, I believe it is time for Newman personnel to staff our offices fully, especially those that directly serve our students.

Through the first couple of weeks of school, the mitigation efforts in place are working well and as we continue to look for ways to improve even more, we believe the work environment is safe with current precautions in place. Thanks to the successful implementation of our initial mitigation steps, including working remotely, we believe all community members can now move back to campus rather than working from home.

If you have any issues with childcare or other concerns about being back on campus, please connect with your supervisor.

Thanks again for all you are doing for our students. Together we soar!



A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (8-31-2000)

Good morning,

As we begin our second full week of the new semester, I wanted to reach out with a quick update. With the return of students and in-person classes, there is a new energy powering our campus! I have truly enjoyed opportunities to connect with many of our students along with our dedicated faculty and staff.

While the hope and excitement of a new academic year is evident, we all understand we are dealing with a “new normal” - from the physical distancing set-ups in classrooms and campus spaces to the news of positive COVID tests for a few Newman students – we still face challenges from the pandemic.  

Last week we learned that three students, who underwent testing as soon as they began experiencing symptoms, were positive for COVID. None of the students required hospital attention and all are currently in self-isolation. This morning we received information regarding a fourth positive case. We continue to send symptomatic community members for rapid testing.

These cases highlight the need for everybody in the community to take the precautions outlined in our social contract seriously AND the importance of monitoring your own health carefully.

If you are not feeling well and encounter any of the COVID symptoms, listed on Newman’s daily health screen tool, I encourage you to be tested. Also, please let us know so we can detect cases early and safeguard the community.

As mentioned in previous updates it is our intention to be proactive in communicating with you about COVID. Moving forward, we will be sending a weekly email on either Friday afternoon or Monday morning. We will also be adding a COVID dashboard to the Return to Campus webpage, which will feature daily updates.

Blessings to you and your family and friends…and remember Together We Soar!

President Jagger

A message from Newman University President Dr. Kathleen Jagger (8-7-2000)

Hello Colleagues,

While it is still officially summer break, we are deep into a very busy time of preparation for fall at Newman University. Activity has picked up briskly as community members get ready for the new semester to begin later this month.

As they say, “It’s about to get real”! 

Yes, the faculty summer symposium is just around the corner. Our “One Community, Many Voices, Transforming Society!” community gathering, formerly known as the Fall Institute, is August 19th. Student move-in is on the 20th, followed by a virtual orientation for our new students the next day! The first day of classes for the Fall 2020 term is August 24th, only 17 days away!

As the most unique semester many of us have ever experienced quickly approaches, I wanted to provide an update regarding the latest information and actions being taken as we return to campus.

You may have heard that other colleges and universities are requiring students to be COVID tested prior to arriving on campus. Our task forces researched the topic but in the end made a decision NOT to make testing a requirement for coming onto our campus.

Sedgwick County health officials concurred with us and provided these helpful considerations:

  1. Individuals may be positive but do not have a high enough viral load to test positive (false negative)
  2. Testing results can take 3-7 days and another exposure can occur during that time
  3. Testing results are only accurate for that specific time period and cannot be used to predict future infections

We do recommend that anyone who experiences symptoms get tested and isolate while awaiting test results. If you test positive for COVID-19 follow your health provider’s directives. For students housed in the residence halls, the university will provide isolation and quarantine accommodations in Merlini Hall.

We do encourage Newman employees to notify HR if:

  • they need to work from home 
  • they are experiencing symptoms 
  • they are undergoing testing 

We also would hope faculty and staff members would let HR know if they test positive for COVID-19 and have been on campus, so we may protect the Newman community. Then NU can connect with the county health department who will conduct confidential contract tracing.

Although we would prefer to have this information to help make the best decisions for our Newman community, we understand that you have a right to privacy in these matters and respect your decision if you prefer not to share health information. Also, know that Kansas House Bill 2016 requires health department officials to secure written permission from employees prior to disclosing information to employers. So, if you test positive for the virus, the health department will be notified but cannot inform us if you wish to keep the news private. 

We are committed to the health and safety of each community member, and as mentioned in previous communications, our return to campus plans have flexibility built in to be able to make adjustments if needed.

Please know how grateful I am to the many individuals who are working diligently to provide updated technology in classrooms, to set up physically distanced spaces, and to deliver PPE and cleaning materials around campus. I am equally humbled by the thousands of hours dedicated by faculty and staff to planning and implementing COVID mitigation strategies for the fall semester. 

Wichita, Kansas — Newman University has announced its plan for a return to in-person classes for the fall 2020 semester. The initiative, "Together We Soar — Return to Campus," is a flexible plan detailing calendar changes, safety measures and directives for the Newman community.

Newman University President Kathleen S. Jagger, Ph.D., said she is looking forward to students returning to campus in the fall and is excited to begin meeting students, staff and faculty.

"The ever-changing nature of the pandemic has been and continues to be a challenge but many faculty, staff and administration members collaborated over the past few months to tackle the complex issue," said Jagger. "The result is a clear, safe path forward and one that is flexible enough to adjust for future coronavirus realities."

Changes were made to class schedules that will ensure students have enough physical distance to safely attend sessions. Some classes were moved to larger rooms and days and times were changed in some cases to accommodate.

In addition, students will be asked to wear facial coverings, which the university is preparing to provide, and sanitization products will be available in classrooms for students to use as they enter and exit the classroom.

The semester will begin as scheduled with the first day of classes taking place Aug. 24, however, the previously scheduled Labor Day closing, Sept. 5-7, has been canceled as well as the 1-day fall break, which would have taken place Oct. 16.

Additionally, all classes with exception for certain nursing and allied health courses will move to distance learning Nov. 23. Students will break for the Thanksgiving holiday beginning Nov. 25 as scheduled but will not return to campus for in-person instruction.

As previously announced in May, student housing for the 2020-21 academic year has been moved to single-room occupancy.

The calendar changes were made in order to minimize exposure to community spread of illness to the greatest extent possible.

Students will be provided with resources to help them navigate their way through a safe return to campus, including communication regarding safe on-campus practices and expectations for all members of the community.

View the Newman Today article to learn more


It is with excitement that I send this message to explaining details of our plan for a return to in-person classes this fall.

The ever-changing nature of the pandemic has been, and continues to be a challenge, but many faculty, staff and administration members collaborated over the past few months to tackle the complex issue. The result is a clear, safe path forward and one that is flexible enough to adjust for future coronavirus realities. My thanks goes out to all for committing so many long hours on this important work.

Here are plan information and resources:

Fall Semester Schedule Changes

  • Classes meet on Labor Day (Sept 7)
  • Classes meet on Fall break (Oct 16)
  • Classes move online for Thanksgiving week (Nov 23) through finals


Enjoy the remainder of your summer and God bless you and your family.

Kathleen S. Jagger

President, Newman University


NOTE: In addition to watching the video above you can access a text version of the script here.

Message from Dr. Kim Long, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs


A few weeks ago, I shared with you information about Newman University’s plans for fall classes. As of June 18, we have completed updates to the fall 2020 calendar. The health and safety of the members of our community has been our first priority throughout the process.

For your classes, that means some changes have been made. These class changes have been driven by the need to ensure we allow you enough physical distance in each of your classes to minimize risk to your health and to the health of others.

Classrooms have new limits on occupancy for example, and some classes have been moved to new rooms or to locations that perhaps you’ve never been in before. Because there are now relatively fewer spaces on campus that allow for classes over 12 students to meet at one time under physical distancing guidelines, class days and/or times for some courses have also changed.

We will begin the semester as currently scheduled, but we are making some changes to the calendar.

  • Like many universities in Wichita and across the US, we will not be taking Labor Day break, nor are we scheduling a fall break this year. This is to contain Newman University’s exposure to community spread of illness to the greatest extent possible.
  • Unless you are in specific (e.g. nursing or allied health) major courses or other specific practica or clinical experiences, will be moving to a fully online format beginning November 23rd. Students will not return to campus after Thanksgiving. if you have specific questions about courses in your major, please reach out to your advisor or school dean.

We are busy updating and adding technology to classrooms, to accommodate new, flexible means of teaching and learning where it is appropriate. Your faculty and the entire staff have been working to make sure you return to an open, welcoming campus that is mindful of the health and safety of all.

Due to the scheduling changes across campus, your own schedule has likely changed since you last reviewed it. Please take the time to carefully review your schedule via Jetstream. Instructions to access your Jetstream account are attached to this message. This document tells you:

  • How to login/logout of Jetstream (page 1)
  • How to look at your schedule and your unofficial transcript (page 1, under student records)
  • How to look for available classes if you need to make a change (page 1, under search functions)
  • How to find your advisor (page 1, under search functions)
  • And more!

If you have any questions or concerns, we have a team of folks ready to assist you. You may reach out to your regular advisor with questions. Not all advisors work in the summer, so if you do not receive a reply in 24 hours, please reach out to your program director or dean’s office, where they will be able to redirect you to someone who can help you. You may also find help available through the Runway Learning Center student support services. You may reach out for assistance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can expect that there will be additional information coming regarding a safe return to campus this fall. You will soon learn more about safe on-campus practices and expectations for all members of the community, so please continue watching your Newman email.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back this fall. Be safe and enjoy this summer!

Newman University has announced that it plans to resume in-person classes for the fall 2020 semester.

During the past month, several university groups have worked diligently on plans for the safe return to campus for students, faculty and staff. Currently, two task forces are nearing completion of the university’s mitigation and success blueprint for the restoration of its face-to-face education. The teams are ensuring that all classes will be responsive to the needs of community and public health and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing environment.

Interim President Teresa Hall Bartels is excited to welcome students back to campus. “With the health and safety of the Newman community as our top priority, and flexibility to adjust to future pandemic realities, we’re confident we can deliver the in-person academic excellence that our students desire and deserve this fall.”

Inspired by its namesake, St. John Henry Newman, the university has a special mission—to create an environment of academic excellence available to a diverse range of students and to empower those students to transform the world.

“The best way to accomplish our mission is with in-person learning experiences within a nurturing community,” Bartels said.

With this fall’s implementation of Newman’s new student support program, Navigator, undergraduates will have access to additional resources and experiences to enhance their success. Noting a student’s higher education path is never a solo journey at Newman, Navigator is also designed to help students who may feel increased stress heightened by these unprecedented times.

While specific details are still forthcoming on most of the plan, a decision has been finalized to make all on-campus housing single room occupancy.

Additionally, for this coming academic year, the university has waived the requirement that all freshmen and sophomore students live in the residence halls if their home address is more than 30 miles from campus.

Dr. Kim Long

Dr. Kathleen Jagger, Ph.D.
President, Newman University

Message from the President

Because of our size, our facilities and the creative efforts of many people, Newman University will return to on-campus classes this fall. While the COVID19 pandemic presents many challenges, after months of planning, involving thousands of hours work, and the ongoing support of everyone in the Newman community we believe we can bring students back to campus in person while prioritizing the safety of our community.

I want to thank all who have served on our two task forces which have mapped out the many details – from modifying class schedules and physical spaces to facilitating in-person academic program delivery and student support services, to implementing best practices in health and safety for all.

As you no doubt have come to understand over the past months, the pandemic situation is ever changing and based on directives from the health department, CDC as well as local and state government officials, we may need to adjust our plans. Know that your health and safety has been, and always will be, our highest priority as we strive to deliver consistently the unique, personal and exceptional education that is characteristic of Newman University. This fall will indeed be quite an adventure, and I know that Together we can Soar!

Kathleen S. Jagger
President, Newman University