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Rebekah Lipinski

Educational Background

Newman University '22
BA in Theatre, BBA in Management

What’s your favorite spot on Newman’s campus?

My favorite spot on Newman’s campus is the De Mattias Arts building. It’s where my passion lies, and it brings me immense joy to hear the music and be a part of the shows both on and off stage.

What would be your number-one tip for the admissions process?

My number one tip for the admissions process would be to listen to your counselor and read your emails.  We are trying to help you succeed and get through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What is your ideal vacation destination?

Anywhere tropical, I love the beach, the water, and the sun.  The most ideal vacation would be to travel the whole world, one country at a time.  But if I can’t do that, just give me a beach.


I love theatre, singing, reading, and spending time with the people I care about.

What is your favorite song?

I don’t think I could ever pick just one song, my favorite song changes too frequently.

If you could have super powers what would they be and why?

I would Fly or Teleport, it would make traveling much easier, quicker, and cheaper!

What are five things you cannot live without?

My Fiancé, I’d be lost without him. My family and Friends, they are so important to me.  And then Caffeine and a really good book to keep me sane.

Admissions Counselor
Enrollment Management
316-942-4291 ext. 2230
Office: SH215C
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