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Advisor Online Registration Instructions

The student and the advisor should first determine the courses for the student to enroll in the next semester. 

Advisor Online Registration Steps

  1. Log In to JetStream
  2. Under Current Filter Settings, click Change
  3. On Term, use drop-down box to select the term for registration. (Do NOT enter any information under Department, Number, etc.)
  4. Go to Student Records
  5. Click [Permit Online Registration]
  6. Verify that Student Registration appears in the Process box
  7. In ID box, click the “arrow” and a list of your advisees will appear. Select the appropriate student
  8. Click the [Process] button (You should see a message that says Process Completed and an [OK] button)
  9. Click the OK button. This completes the process for the advisor to approve the student for registration

The student can then register for courses on JetStream.

View instructions for student registration through Jetstream


Problems That May Be Encountered Resolution
Student is on HOLD. Advisor refers student to appropriate office to resolve the Hold.
Student is a Re-admit. Student must go through the re-admit process in the Admissions Office. After re-admission is approved, advisor meets with student, helps student complete the paper registration form and student takes it to the Registrar's Office.
Student wants to enroll, but advisor is not available and the Dean/Division Chair wants to give permission. The Dean/Division Chair calls Registrar's Office and has them set the permission or the student goes to the Registrar's Office.
Students enroll in courses that require consent or courses that have prerequisites that are not met. Contact the Registrar's Office (ext. 2121 or 2130). If appropriate, we will allow the enrollment and resolve the problem through Empower.
Student wants to enroll in a Co-op Ed course that is not listed in the printed schedule of classes. Student brings Add form to the Registrar's Office and we enter the course on the computer so the student can be enrolled in it. (3-hr co-ops are routinely offered but 1 and 2-hr co-ops are not.)
Student wants to enroll in an Independent study course or a conference course. Advisor submits course information to the appropriate School Director. Student will enroll in Registrar's Office when course has final approval.
Student wants to enroll in a Friends University course. Student must go to the Newman Registrar's Office.
Student wants to enroll in a course as an "Audit". Student must go to the Registrar's Office.