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Student Online Registration Instructions

  1. See you advisor for permission to register courses online
  2. Log in to JetStream
    1. Under Current Filter Settings, click Change.
    2. On Term, use drop-down box to select the term for registration. (Be sure to select the upcoming term and not the current term. Do not enter any other data here – just the term.)
  3. Update Personal Information
    1. Click on [Settings & Tools] and then click on [Update Personal Information].
    2. Verify the name fields (NU uses legal name) and “born” field (date of birth).  If you’ve made changes click on [Update Name]. Name changes must be done in person in the Registrar’s Office.  Students are required to provide their Social Security card with their new name on it before we will change their name on our records.
    3. Verify and/or update the information on the following buttons by marking the action taken
      (e.g., Update, Remove, Add New.), then click on [Submit] and then [Return to Main Screen].
      • Address – Must select Address Type.
      • Phone – Must select Phone Type (numbers only; no dashes).
      • Demographics – Must select EACH Demographics Category.
      • Student Data – Degree, Projected Graduation Date, and Major(s) /Minor(s)/ Specialization (Concentration(s)).
  4. Online Registration
    1. Click on [Student Records] and then [Online Registration].
    2. Make sure the catalog being displayed is the one for the academic year in which you are registering.
    3. Click Continue.
    4. Click on Add Courses.
      • From this page you can select search criteria from the Course Schedule
        (you do not need to select from every box).
      • Click on the [Search] button.
      • Click on the box in front of the course you want to select.  If a course has a required lab, be sure to add it also.
      • Click on  Register button.  The screen will have the following:

        You have ___ Successful Registration and ___ Pending Registration
        Click See Detail to see the result.

      • Click on the Delete link for any course you want to remove from the Pending Registration grouping.
    5. Select each course in this manner.
    6. Delete any courses remaining in Pending Registration grouping.
  5. Completing the Registration Process
    1. Acknowledge payment obligation by checking the box “I accept the terms”.
    2. Click the Complete button.  The screen will now display “Please contact the financial aid office to finalize your payment plan and to receive your Estimated Tuition Worksheet.”
    3. Under Financials then Student Billing click on Estimated Invoice by Term.  Review/print a copy of this form for the student to sign and deliver to the student accounts office on the second floor of Sacred Heart Hall.
    4. Click on [Student Records] and then [Schedule by Term], to view and/or print your schedule.
  6. Log out of Jetstream