Diversity Mission Statement

Diversity Mission Statement

The mission statement of Diversified Jets seeks to honor Newman University’s code, which states:

As members of the Newman community, we pledge to live in the spirit of critical consciousness by respecting the dignity of every person, honoring both personal and institutional integrity, and striving to embrace all humanity.

Diversified Jets aims to continue to cultivate a more diverse community that respects, acknowledges, understands and supports the diversity we have on campus, whether faculty, staff, or students. We do this by holding firm to the principles that Diversified Jets promotes:

  • Individualization on campus, seeing everyone as unique and able to express themselves without prejudice and discrimination
  • Structured Student Organizations that focus provide an environment for students to gather and be intellectual, cultural and social, while promoting academic excellence and activities of cultural and educational benefits.
    • Multicultural Leadership Organization,
    • Hispanic American Leadership Organization
    • Black Student Union
    • Asian Student Association
    • International Student Association
    • LGBTQ
  • Academic Support Services for all students. Newman University provides access to academic help through the Academic Resource Center, Department of Disability Services, Counseling Services, and Project Care.
  • Celebration of Heritage Months: Diversified Jets acknowledges and joins in the celebration of cultural heritage months including but not limited to African-American, Hispanic-American, and Native-American months.
  • Acceptance of religions not our own. Newman University is a Catholic Institution that follows the principles of the Catholic Church, but does not discriminate different religions held on our campus. We strive to foster and educate the whole person to seek the truth and to lead a meaningful and purposeful life.

As the Newman Code states, “we strive to embrace all Humanity”. Diversified Jets at Newman University seek to EMPOWER GRADUATES TO TRANSFORM SOCIETY

Ranking 23rd out of 133 in 2015, Newman University takes pride in being one of the most diverse colleges in the Midwest. [Read Article]