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St. John Henry Newman Medal

The St. John Henry Newman Medal was established in 1983 by the Board of Directors of Kansas Newman College as a continuation of the former Sacred Heart College Award for Distinguished Service. The medal was then continued with the formation of Newman University in 1998. By conferral of the Newman Medal, considered the highest award that the university can bestow, the university seeks to recognize persons who have been instrumental in the growth and development of the university. Either through scholarship, intellectual pursuits, community service or spiritual life, such persons exemplify the truths St. John Henry Newman espoused.

Previous Recipients

Paul Foley, Sr.* 1966
John O'Shaughnessy* 1966
C. Howard Wilkins, Sr.* 1984
John Oxler* 1985
Dolores Strunk*, ASC '31, '36 1991
G. Lawrence Keller, Sr.* 1993
Sylvia Gorges, ASC* '42 1993
Bob and Rosalie Goebel 1994
Patrick E. O'Shaughnessy 1995
Bishop Eugene J. Gerber 1995
Laurie Champ Bell '49 1996
Larry D. Klenda* 1997
Msgr. Thomas McGread 1998
Fran and Geri Jabara 1999
Charlotte Rohrbach, ASC '62 2000
Tarcisia Roths, ASC '48, '54 2000
Larry and Wah-leeta* Steckline 2001
Joe L. and Pat Childs 2004
Shirley Rueb '70 2004
Surendra Singh, Ph.D. HON 2004
Terry '68 and Gretchen '69 Keller 2005
Robbi '75 and Larry Heck, Ph.D. 2005
Gerry Thompson 2005
Most Rev. Ronald M. Gilmore 2006
Elizabeth Kolmer, ASC 2006
Harvey and Missy Jabara 2006
Larry and Dana Fugate 2007
B. Lee Cooper, Ph.D. 2008
Tom '72 and Colleen Dondlinger 2008
Colleen Gillen A.* '66, '70 2009
Thomasine Stoecklein, ASC A '42, '47 2009
John E. and Marilyn K. (Gorges) Dugan 2010
John Marstall (Former Board Chair) 2011
Joan Felts 2012 
J.V. Johnston ‘82 2013 
Margaret Knoeber ASC ‘61 2014
Reverend Monsignor Robert E. Hemberger 2015
Dr. Michael G. and Carm Ludlow 2016
Nick Dondlinger '73 2017
Archie Macies 2018
Bob Simpson 2019