Philosophy and Goals - Rad Tech


EXPLANATION: The philosophy and goals of the radiologic technology program were created to parallel those of Newman University.


The Newman University Program of Radiologic Technology is committed to the mission of Newman University- a private catholic liberal arts university. This mission of “empowering people to change the world” is reflected in graduates that are competent and professionally responsible entry-level radiologic technologists highly valued by the community.


Students will be clinically competent.

  • Students will demonstrate appropriate exposure techniques.
  • Students will practice appropriate radiation protection techniques.
  • Students will demonstrate positioning skills.

Students will communicate effectively

  • Students will develop proficient and appropriate verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills

Students will develop critical thinking skills

  • Students will modify exposure techniques for different patient scenarios
  • Students will evaluate radiographic images for proper anatomy, positioning and quality
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to adapt in non-routine situations.


The philosophy of the program is to encourage students to strive for quality in their work and in the care they provide for patients, as well as instill professional values and work ethic.  The program emphasizes that the responsibility of learning is placed on the student.  Students are challenged to strive and maintain high quality in all aspects of the program and to not accept mediocrity.